One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/21/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/21/00

By Merilee


Sophia and Antonio are discussing his shoes and what he will use them for.  Running.  She wants to go running with him.  He asks her how far she has gotten.  "2 miles."  Antonio declines because he says he runs 5 miles.  Roseanne comes downstairs.  Some more conversation is exchanged between the three of them.  He leaves and Sophia turns to her roommate and asks her if she wants anything to eat.  The other girl declines and Sophia goes to the kitchen.  As soon as she is gone, Roseanne heads out the front door.  Later, Sophia lets Joey into the penthouse.  They talk about their feelings for Antonio and Kelly.  After he leaves, Sophia plops down on the couch with a rose and starts thinking about Antonio.  In her dream, there is a rose placed on her desk every day.  Antonio says that he wants to change partners because every time he walks a beat or gets close to her; he wants to kiss her  They share a kiss.  (Come on girl.  Face reality.)


Will, Cristian, and Jessica are in there with the police.  One man has Will and the other man has Cristian.  Jessica cannot believe it.  Will is placed under arrest and led away.  She turns to Cristian trying to understand what went on.  He says that he had nothing to do with it but then Max shows up.  Jessica runs out and Cristian turns to Max.  Max is gloating about him not being good enough for her because of where he came from.  That makes Cristian mad and he backs Max into a wall.  Max tells him that he will put him in the cell with Will if he doesn't back off.  Cristian leaves and Max happily makes a call to Asa.

Sam's house

Lindsay is banging on the front door and Lanie is trying to calm her down.  Sam lets them both in but only because he wants his former wife to be quiet because Matthew is trying to sleep.  Lanie excuses herself and goes upstairs.  Lindsay is very upset about the police going through her files and asking her neighbors questions about her.  Sam listens attentively but will not back down.  He is sure that she had dealings with Colin that had to do with Nora and he is out to prove it.  The talk turns to their daughter, Jen and her birthday tomorrow.  She is leaving to go see her and she wants to know if Sam has something for her.  He thinks it's incredible that she is leaving town at the same time the lid is about to blow on the stuff with Nora.  They start talking about Will and that she wants Sam to leave him alone.  She leaves and eventually Lanie comes back down the stairs.  He is still bugged about his gut feeling that Lindsay and Colin are involved with Nora's disappearing after the train crash.  He asks her for her help but Lanie tells him that she is not comfortable with this until she has some proof. 

Bo's office

Bo is interviewing Mr. Barnes but Jeffrey is not opening up.  He says that he has dates that Barnes met with RJ.  Barnes looks like he's about to say something when RJ bursts in.  RJ tells Bo that they are friends and he wants to be there while Bo questions him.  Barnes clams up and he is led back to the jail.  Unpleasant words are exchanged between RJ and Bo.  It all has to deal with the paternity of Matthew.  Later, the two of them are still talking when Lindsay comes in and says that RJ is lying.  RJ leaves and Bo wants to know what she is talking about.  Bo asks her what she was talking about.  She said that RJ came to her about art but that he started asking questions about Matthew's paternity.  (weepy Lindsay) 

Cristian's place

Antonio is standing in front of Roseanne with nothing on but a towel.  (ow)  She says that she was out riding around and that she just ended up at his place.  He leaves for the shower and eventually she joins him.  (steam city) 

Irish jail

Will is in the cell when Jessica comes in and starts talking about him being her fiancÚ and that she has to see him.  They finally let them see each other.  They touch through the bars.  (how touching)  Later, Jessica is on the phone to Sam.  She tells him that Will is fine but that he needs him.  She goes back to the cell and Will asks her if Cristian set him up.  She tells him that she believes him and Max are working together.

Sam's house

After the call from Jessica, he calls Bo and lets him know what is going on with Jessica and Will.  He tells him where they are and that he is going to get Will.  He hangs up and tells Lanie not to tell Lindsay.

Bo's office

Bo decides to see if John can go with Sam.  Sam informs him that once he brings Will back, that the truth about Nora will come out.  Bo puts down the phone and looks at Lindsay as she slowly leaves.

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