One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/20/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/20/00

By Linda

Jesse tells Will that there isn't anything she wants from him, she just wants him to be cleared of all charges. He is glad she didn't leave Ireland. She says she couldn't go after knowing how it felt when he left. He tries to tell her how much he loves her. She doesn't want to hear it. He asks her to please let him explain. He tells her that she is what pulled him through all this and makes it easier to take. She tells him it can't be that way, it makes her feel completely responsible and she has ruined his life enough. He thinks she dumped Cris for him when she found out what he did. She feels she treated Will unfairly. She still doesn't know what or who she wants. He asks her to let him help her figure it out. Cris gets information on Will's whereabouts. Max wants the phone number for the police from the bartender and gives him a tip.  Cris stops Max from calling claiming they should check the place before calling the police. Cris suggests they go check out a map in the storage room. As Max looks in, Cris pushes him in and locks the door.

Sam comes home all happy and picks up Matt and hugs him tight. Matt asks when Mommy will be coming home?

Lindsay enters Nora's room when Nora's double appears and questions Lindsay's motives. Lindsay tries to say she wants to help Nora by telling her the truth about what is going on in her real life.

Mel visits Bo at the station. They discuss Nora's memory. Lindsay points out that Nora thinks she is still married to him. Bo says he told Nora to take her time. Bo reflects on the past he spent with Nora and how he couldn't pull it off. He wanted to tell Nora the she is now with Sam and has a child but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He just couldn't say the words.

Will tells Jesse not to think too much, just feel how she feels. She doesn't know what to feel. He tells her that she is so beautiful and is glad he is there in Ireland with her. She can't give in to the feelings he wants her to feel. He tells her it could be so easy.

Max bangs on the door and the bartender tells him that he is staying there until they come for him to take him back to the asylum. Max tells him that he is not insane and he is going to call the police if they don't let him out.

Nora's spirit blasts Lindsay for giving Nora the drug. Lindsay says she had to do it or she would have gone to prison. Colin pops in and wants to know what Lindsay is doing in Nora's room and tells her that if she ever does anything to Nora again, he will hurt her in way she cannot imagine.

The sitter leaves and Sam explains to Matt that Nora will be home when the doctors are sure she will be fine. Sam tells Matt a story that reflects their story, including Asa Pains trying to take the little boy and how the dad said some magic words to that big Asa Pains. The magic words were, I love you and that made Asa Pains go away. Outside is Asa Buchanan with papers in his hands.

Lindsay storms out of Nora's room and Colin follows. She says she is trying to run interference before Nora remembers anything. Colin tells her that they gave Nora more antidote and she has remembered more stuff. Lindsay accuses Colin of falling for Nora. Colin says he is going to keep her away from Nora and thinks Lindsay just can't stand Nora for the goodness she portrays.

Mel and Bo share a pizza. Mel thinks it is good for Bo to take his time letting Nora come around and letting her think they are married for just a while longer. She tells him that she isn't going anywhere. She understands that Bo loved Nora so much. He agrees, he did. She tells him that he will always worry about Nora, that is the kind of man he is and the kind of man she wants to be with. She tells him that she feels, feels. Bo tells her the feelings are mutual and they kiss. They are interrupted. Bo has meetings. Mel leaves promising to see him later.

Sam opens the door and says, well, it is Asa Pains. Asa says he thinks Sam is going nuts. Asa says his papers say he can see his grandson until the case is settled. Sam tells him that he has him papers and Sam has his and his papers say he is the father of Matt. Asa barges in and talks to Matt until Sam kicks him out. Ben comes through the door and says he thinks it is his turn to kick Asa out. Sam tells Ben that he has the results and is the father of Matt. Ben congratulates him. Sam looks at Asa and tells him, now you are the only Buchanan here, now get out. Ben looks at Sam.

Jesse tells Will that she just can't do it. She is not going to run from Cristians arms to his. Will says his arms will always be waiting for her. She tells him that she was going to marry Cris. Will tells her that that was until she found out he lied to her and then she got on a plane and came there to him. He says she wouldn't have done that if she didn't love him. She says she was serious about marrying Cris. He says he doesn't know what she is saying. She thinks he does. She slept with Cris.

Colin is with Nora when she awakens. She asks where she is? He calls her Scarlet. She asks why he called her that. He says she told him to. She wonders if this all happened before, her waking up and him over her and calling her Scarlet. He tells her that many doctors have been coming in there, she is quite the celebrity. He pulls flowers out of her sleeve. Nora loves the magic. He made her smile. She asks if she can keep the flowers to remind her to smile. He gladly says okay.

Asa tosses the lab report to the floor. He doesn't believe him. Sam says Bo was there, ask him. Asa phones about the DNA test and is angry. He tells Sam to hold Matt real tight because he is the only son he will have because Will is history. With that said, he leaves.

Max pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

Will asks when she and Cris made love. She says the night he left. Will says they didn't waste any time. She says it wasn't the only time. He doesn't want to hear it. He feels Cris took advantage of her by tricking Will into leaving town, what does she call that? In walks Cris.

Lindsay and Mel meet. Lindsay tells her to keep it to herself if she is there to throw Bo in her face. Mel says she just wants to help but doesn't know what to say. Lindsay says she will say something. She is sorry for what she said about Bo, but she feels betrayed and does still love him. Lindsay feels that they have been competing all their lives. The start talking about when they were kids and Lindsay confesses to stealing Mel's candy when she was a kid. They laugh when Lindsay comes out with a box of chocolates and they hug. Lindsay cries on her shoulder about burying herself in chocolate when things go bad and things are bad. Lindsay tells Mel that she is the only one who wouldn't get jealous of Nora. Mel says that Bo loved Nora and their relationship was special. Lindsay tries to play head games about Bo's feeling for Nora which makes Mel think.

Hank asks Bo what he wants to do about Barnes? Bo says to leave him in his cell, he doesn't feel up to Barnes tonight. Bo asks Hank how he felt when Nora only remembered him. Hank says he felt responsible and it also brought up old feelings. He just hoped he helped. Bo thinks Hank helped a lot. Bo feels the same way about the responsibility and things. Hank says he saw Mel leave and thinks she is nice. Bo says Mel is his future. Hank says, and Nora is his past but she needs him now and asks Bo if he will help her. Bo says he wants a future with Mel, but Nora can count on him and so can Hank. Hank thanks him.

Will and Cris go at it. Will accuses Cris of tricking Jesse and orders Cris out. Cris insists that he won't leave until Will hears him out. Will attacks Cris.

Nora asks again if Colin was her doctor before. He tells her that sometimes dreams can beat reality and sometimes make a person confused. She agrees. He takes the flowers and tells her to get some rest. She thanks him.

Ben repeats what Sam said about Asa being the only Buchanan in the house. Sam tells him that he is a Davidson. Sam says he still worries about Asa's threats. Ben tells him that he will get Will back. Sam wishes he could say the same about Nora, but she can't remember anything after Bo. Ben tells him to give it time and not to rush into what to do or what is next. Sam says he wants to prove Colin did this to Nora, but he needs a witness and that witness is Will.

The police show up to break up the fight and arrest Will.

Tomorrow: Sam tells Mel that they have to show proof that Nora was in Colin's house. Bo tells Barnes that if he gives them RJ, they can work out a deal. Will tells Jesse that he thinks Cris set him up to get arrested in Ireland.

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