One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/19/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/19/00  

By Merilee

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Viki is making a speech about her whereabouts for the past 6 months.  She tells them that she was doing research but that the research was about herself.  The room goes silent as she discusses her bout with breast cancer.  She finishes by telling everybody that she is back for good.  She hugs Kevin and Joey.

Dorian's house

Blair is still trying to get Kelly to sign the papers.  She goes into this big speech about her hormones and she felt the same way when she was pregnant with Starr.  She again tries to get her cousin to sign the papers when they are interrupted by a knock at the door.  Blair opens the door to Sophia.  Not so kind words are exchanged between the two of them but Sophia has come to see Kelly.  Blair excuses herself.  Sophia tells Kelly that she is worried about Joey.  She feels that Joey is just going through the motions of life because he still cares for Kelly.  Sophia leaves and Blair hurries back into the room with the papers.  Kelly finally signs them. 


Cristian is still seeking information about Will and Jessica.  He passes around pictures but nobody has seen them.  Will is at the front and he has seen Cristian.  He tries to duck out the door but a policeman comes in.  When the coast is clear, he does leave.  Later, Cristian is getting ready to leave when Max walks in.  He announces to the patrons that there is a reward out for information about the young man in this picture.  A man says that he has seen him in the stables.


Jessica is writing a letter to Will.  Will comes back but Jessica is not there.  There's a noise at the door and Jessica walk in.  She tells him that she was leaving but changed her mind.  She tells him that Cristian would not tell her when he called.


Nora is still hugging Bo.  Lanie, Sam, and Rachel are watching.  Bo and Nora go into her room.  She has so many questions for him because she thinks that they are still married.  She can't understand how they can be married but she had a baby with Sam.  Outside, Lindsay has joined Sam and Lanie.  Sam takes great delight in telling his former wife that Nora has remembered some more but doesn't remember the accident.  It comes out that Nora still thinks she's married to Bo.  Lindsay goes to the window to watch the two of them.  Bo has managed to get Nora back into bed.  Larry comes in with some medication and Nora goes to sleep.  The two men leave and Lindsay enters the room.


Ben tells Viki that she ought to go to Florida more often.  Maybe, every week?  He opens the door and Viki surveys the room.  It looks like something out of a travel magazine.  The pair don sun glasses and relax on some chairs.

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