One Life to Live Update Monday 9/18/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 9/18/00

By Merilee

Viki's bedroom

Viki is finally home from Florida.  She and Ben are having fun in the bedroom.  They throw caution to the wind and wind up on the bed.  He gives her a massage and a backrub.  (wish somebody would give me one) She decides she wants to see her children and Ben follows.


Jessica and Will seek refuge from the rain.  He bundles her up in a big blanket and then looks the other way while she takes her wet things off.  They both huddle down under big blankets.  After a while, he again holds up the blanket while she puts some stuff back on.  She is very appreciative but tells him that she is hungry.  He tells her that he is going to the pub to get something to eat.

Irish pub

Cristian has walked in and just by luck; he has found the two men that saved Will from the freighter.  They tell Cris that he was staying at Liam's house but that he is no longer there.  One of them tells Cris that there are a lot of places to hide.  Later, Cristian is showing the picture of Jessica when Will walks in.

Recreation center

Bo and Lanie are discussing their feelings for each other.  Both of them agree to try and explore those feelings.  Bo's cell phone rings.  It's Sam and he tells him that he is needed at the hospital.  Lanie decides to go with him.

Nora's room

Nora thinks she is happily married to Bo.  "How can I love one man and have another man's baby?"  Sam tries to set the record straight but the poor man is very confused.  Rachel and Hank come in and Nora tells them that she remembers being married to Bo but that's all.  Sam and Hank leave the room.  Hank assures the other man that her memory will return.  (that's when Sam places the call to Bo)

Dorian's house

Blair has come to talk to Kelly.  She beats around the bush but finally asks her cousin to be Starr's legal guardian if something should happen to her.  Kelly agrees and Blair wants her to sign the papers but Kelly can't.  All she can think about is Joey.


Kevin is busy working when Joey comes in.  Not too many words are said and Joey goes to his desk.  He opens up a box which contains a wedding present.  It's from a guy in Canada named Thomas.  The two brothers end up in a hallway off the main room.  They start arguing and everybody in the other room can hear.  The room grows quiet when Viki and Ben enter.

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