One Life to Live Update Friday 9/15/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 9/15/00

By Linda C

Asa comes in and yaks to someone on the sofa who he thought was Max when it turns out to be Todd.

Hank tells Mel that they are not sure how much of Nora's memory will, if any, would be restored. Hank asks Mel how Bo and Sam are doing. She tells him there is no word yet.

Rachel is in her mom's room. Nora is still in the court room with Sam and Bo in her dream. She opens up a folded paper and springs up in bed. Rachel goes to her side and asks if she is OK?

Kelly is out of the hospital and Kevin carries her into the house.  He has the place set up for her to work at home. She thanks him for everything. He hopes she still thanks him when she finds out he didn't do it. Out comes Joe. He tells her that he did it.

Asa asks Todd how he got in there? Todd says he is disappointed that Asa didn't have a heart attack with the site of him. Asa hollers for Max. Todd says he is just there to see Starr. Max and Asa want to call the police but Blaire stops them telling them it is not good for Starr. Asa says she better get used to it. There is a knock at the door. It is Rae. Max tried to get rid of her. She tells him that she knows the truth about him.

Sam is the daddy and Bo looks a bit disappointed but congratulates Sam. Bo tells him that he batted 2 for 2. He know Nora was alive and that Matt was his son. Bo says this is the way it is supposed to be. Sam is the only dad Matt knows. Sam tells Bo he is a good man and he is sorry that Bo is hurt and offers to do anything if Bo needs him. Bo is okay. Sam is so happy he cries.

Colin is calling someone on the phone. Hank asks if he is calling his partner in crime. Colin hangs up and asks if he can help him with anything. Hank wants to know why he is still hanging around. Colin says he is a doctor and he is concerned. Hank says he has an answer for that and if the drugs they gave Nora work, so will everyone else.

Nora tells Rachel she remembers. Rachel runs to get Larry. Colin was walking by and stops in his tracks at Rachel's words. Hand tells Colin to join him in Nora's room so he can see if she remembers him. When Colin goes in and Hank asks her if she remembers him. She stares at Colin.

Joe hired a health care aide to take care of Kelly and run her errands. Kelly tells him he didn't have to do all this. He insists he did. Kevin invites him to stay but he declines and tells them they need some time together. He leaves and Kelly tells Kevin that Joe seems to be taking this very well.

Todd badgers Blaire about getting the shares from Kelly and wonders what kind of a sample she is setting for Starr, she has softened up and he thinks Starr should grow up to be the way Blaire used to be, strong.

Rae tells Max that Rene told her the truth after Max continues to deny it. Max says he didn't realize Rene felt that bad about things that she has to go around making up stories that he is not her child. She tells him that Rene was speaking very realistically and she is upset that her child is still missing just like Rae's, or maybe not?

Sam gives Mel the good news, Matthew is his son. He tells her he doesn't know what he would have done without that little boy. Mel asks how Bo took it. Sam says he was hurt but he is a great guy. Mel is going to look for Bo and tells Sam to be happy. They part.

Nora says Colin is a doctor, at least that is what he told her yesterday and the day before. Hank asks her if she met him before, and she says no. Colin confirms that she has never met him. Nora is happy that she remembers Larry when he comes in the room. Larry runs a finger motion tests and asks her if she has any side effects. She seems fine. He asks her questions and she answers right. Sam walks in and she says Sam, Sam Rappaport. He is surprised when she remembers him.

Rae wants Max to take a test. Max says he took a test and is a Buchanan. She tells him he is not. She tells him he could be her son, he is as stubborn as she. She just wants to know the truth and tells him that son or not, Rene love him. He says he loves Rene too. Rae tells him in spite of all he has done, she still loves him. She tells him that she doesn't want to cause any pain and she is sure that if Max is really her son, he would want to find that out too. Asa comes in and asks, find out what?

Nora is so happy that she remembers everyone in the room. She tells Sam she is sorry that she didn't remember him. He says it is okay.  Larry leaves Nora's room and runs into Colin who asks about Nora and then about moving his practice to Llanview. He tells Colin he will look into it. Nora comments about the house she was in and how it was Sam's. She thinks he was in town and renting the house. She tells him he looks great. He tells her she does too. She asks, after all these years?

Bo is at the club playing basketball with the kids. One of the kids stays after and asks Bo for pointers, which he jumps at the chance. Mel walks in and sees Bo with the boy. The boy is so happy when he makes a basket. Bo spots Mel and asks how long she was there. Not long, she says. She tells him that Sam told her what happened. She asks if he wants to talk about it. He says no, but it is easy for him to talk to her. She encourages a talk. Bo tells her how he thought he would have had a second chance. Nora wanted that and that is what started all this, and ended their marriage. She tells him maybe this is a second chance for him and Nora, maybe they can make it right again.

Asa says they are growing out of the woodwork today, just get rid of one and another one comes in. Asa asks Rae what she wants. Rae lies to cover for Max and tells Asa she is trying to find out who was responsible for the shooting. Asa blames Ben for what happened at Crossroads. He also comments how important family is. Rae says she understands how Asa feels about family and loss of.  Rae leaves and Asa asks Max why she would think he knew anything about the shooting?  The phone rings and Max tells Asa that they found Will in Ireland. Asa tells him to go for it and be careful because he is all the family he has left.

Blaire kicks Todd out. Max says he has to go to Ireland. She asks if he really has to go. He says he told Asa he would. Max wants Todd to stay away. Blaire says he just wants to see Starr, they have a child together. Max reminds her that he want a child with her too and has become over protective and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and doesn't want anything to happen to her. Max leaves to pack.

Sam wants time alone with Nora. Hank doesn't think it is a good idea. Nora assures him that Sam is a good friend she has known for years. Hank leaves. Sam asks if she remembers him from Chicago? She says yes. He asks if she remembers anything about him being in Llanview? She says only from that house. He says he has to tell her some things about Matthew. Nora can't believe it when she realizes, she doesn't remember having a baby with Bo and can't understand how she could have a baby and not remember it.

Starr and Todd enter Asa's office. Todd tells her they are going to play hide-and-seek. Starr hides her eyes and counts. Todd tells her not that kind of hide and seek. He tried to snoop in Asa's drawers. Starr tells him that it is locked, she already tried. Asa always keeps them locked and yells when you tried to open them. She asks him if he thinks Max is mad at Mommy's revenge? He says, no, not yet. She asks if he will be. Todd says, yes, he definitely will be.

Kevin leaves Kelly to go to the banner and makes her promise she will take it easy because when he walks back through that door, he wants to see her happy and glowing. She says that is how she will feel anytime he walks in the door. Blaire bursts in and comments about Kelly and Kevin kissing. Kelly tells Blaire that Joe set it up so she can work from home. Kevin leaves. Blaire snoops around as Kelly tells her she doesn't know what she would do without Kevin. Blaire says everyone needs someone they feel safe with. Blaire tells her that she needs to ask her a big favor.

Bo assures Mel that there is no chance of he and Nora getting back together. It has taken him a long time to forgive Nora and he has and he wants to tell her. He is sure that Sam was meant to be Matthew's father and it is over. Mel says it seems like he has gotten over it. He says he has and is looking forward to his future.

Nora again tells Sam that she can't believe she can't remember having Bo's baby. Sam tells her that he is there to tell her something about the baby's father. Nora asks him if something happened to Bo? He tells her that they had a paternity test and it confirmed what he thought all along. Nora asks if Matthew's paternity was in question? He tells her that Matthew is their son. Nora tells him that there is no way. How could she have a child with him when she is happily married to Bo?

Mon: Cris arrives in Ireland. Blair tells Kelly that Todd is back. Kelly wonders what Todd wants. Nora asks Sam what she is missing. Ben welcomes Viki home.

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