One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/14/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/14/00

By Merilee


Roseanne and Antonio are really passionate.  There is a knock at the door.  Sophia is home.  The two of them break up.  Sophia comes in.  A lot is said and Antonio leaves the room.  Sophia tells Roseanne that she is glad that her two friends are talking to each other.  Antonio comes back and Sophia goes upstairs.  Roseanne and Antonio look at each other.

Nora's room

Hora is looking at pictures when Colin comes in.  They talk.  He says that he is helping out Larry with some cases.  He gets ready to leave and she mentions the word "Scarlet."  He comes back to the bed.  They start talking about Gone with the Wind and Scarlet O'Hara.  Rachel and Hank enter the room.  Colin leaves and Hank warns him to stay away from Nora. 


The technician tells Sam and Bo that he is ready to start.  Sam and Bo go out in the outer room to sit and wait.  Hours later, the technician comes out and tells them that he know for sure who is Matthew's father.


Larry is telling Lanie Nora's latest test results.  There is evidence of a drug in there that might have altered her memory.

Nora's room

Larry and a nurse come in.  He explains to them what he is going to do.  Nora's ready.  Larry tells her to relax as he gives her the shot.


Ben has made a call to Viki.  They talk for a while and then Renee comes in.  She is still thinking about her earlier conversation with Rae.  They keep talking about Max and Rae's child.  (boy, does Ben look funny)

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