One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/13/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/13/00

By Merilee


Kevin and Ben are meeting with Harry and Jackie.  All Kevin wants to know is who ordered the hit and why.  Jackie and Harry have no clue.  It is finally learned that he is a Buchanan and Jackie and Harry are more open.  They warn him to stop Kelly from investigating or she might find some more trouble.  Later, Kevin has left leaving the other three there.  They tell Ben to try and stop Kevin from investigating.  Ben says that he will do his best to stop him but he's a stubborn guy and he can't promise anything.  He says that Viki is coming back, soon.

Kelly's room

She is doing some newspaper work on her laptop.  Somebody comes in.  Thinking it is Mike; she tells him that she will be finished soon.  She finally looks up and sees Joey.  She closes her computer and tells him that she was working on a new web page.  Joey hands her a card.  He tells her that since she has been in here that he went out and found a divorce lawyer.  "One lawyer for two people?"  Later, Joey is out in the hall when Kevin joins him.  He tells his brother what he has done.  Joey leaves and Kevin goes into Kelly's room.  They hug.


Max, Blair, and Todd are still exchanging not so kind words.  Blair is starting to get afraid of what Todd might say and tries to make peace between the two men.  Max threatens to call the cops because Todd is still a wanted man.  Blair tries to get him to take her home.  Starr runs back in and Todd tries another angle.  He wants her to tell Max the new word she learned.  "Revenge."  He urges her to tell him where she learned it from.  "Mommy."  (Blair looks like she's going to die and Todd looks really smug.)


Roseanne and Sophia are setting the table for dinner.  Sophia is really laying it out.  There's a knock at the door.  "Who is it?  Antonio."  Sophia lets him in and she tells him that they feel they have to be careful because of Todd.  They sit down to dinner.  As usual, Sophia is doing all the talking.  She finally gets up to get the dessert.  Roseanne and Antonio reach for each other's hands.  Sophia comes back but they are separated again.  They have just gotten up from the table when there is another knock at the door.  "Who is it?  Joey."  Antonio lets him in.  He wants to go out for a drink but doesn't want to go alone.  He asks if anyone wants to come with him.  Antonio and Roseanne tell Sophia that since she cooked; they will clean up.  "Go."


Barnes thinks he has successfully gotten away with changing the results again.  He tries to leave through the front door but John and Bo are there.  He tries the back door but Sam comes in.  John reads him his rights but Barnes plays dumb.  Bo tells him that he knows all about his meetings with RJ.  "RJ who?"   They leave.  Ben is now there.  He tells Sam he is there for him.  Later, Bo and Sam meet with the technician. 

Police department

Hank, Rachel, and RJ are enjoying dinner when there is a noise in the hall and they hear some familiar voices.  John comes in with a handcuffed Barnes.  John puts him in a chair in front of his desk.  RJ sees this but says nothing.  (if looks could kill)


Lanie and Bo are talking about what just happened in the lab.  Matthew comes running towards them straight to Lanie.  "Did somebody come with you?"  Sam walks towards them.  He says that he is ready to take Matthew home.  Bo bends down and pins a pin on the boy and he tells him that that is for being so brave.  Matthew says "thank you".

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