One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/12/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/12/00

By Merilee

Police department 

Max is showing proof to John about his being a Buchanan. John goes through all the papers very closely. Max gets two phone calls. (one I don't know who from and the other from Asa) He gets ready to leave and then he bumps into Rae. He is cordial to her at first and then he tells her that he brought proof of Asa being his father.

Palace bar 

Renee is telling Rae that she believes Max is Rae's son. Rae's in shock.

gym Blair and Todd are trying to have a normal conversation. (huh) Starr comes running into Todd's arms with Constance close behind. She proudly tells her mother about the computer that her father had bought for her. Todd starts setting it up for her but Blair asks her daughter to go in the other room. She and Constance leaves. Blair starts asking Todd about computer viruses but Todd is on to her. She starts pleading for his help. He wants all his things back. She says she can't do that. He starts to leave when she changes her mind. She is again pleading with him when Max order Todd to take his hands off his wife. tower's bar RJ is having a drink when Bo joins him. Bo tells him that he had better stay straight or he will make sure that RJ winds up behind bars for a long time. 

Nora's room 

Lanie and Lindsay are now arguing about Bo. Lindsay feels very betrayed by Lanie and what she has told her. Bo comes in and lets them know that he has heard some things. Lindsay leaves in tears. Lanie tells Bo that she has decided to act on her feelings towards him. 


Roseanne, once again gives the money to Cristian to go after Will and Jessica. Roseanne has placed a call to Antonio but he has left the building. Just as she hangs up, the front door opens and in comes Sophia and Antonio. He asks how Roseanne is and then he tells the girls that he's moving in. The girls agree and Sophia heads upstairs for some sheets and a blanket. She comes back and Antonio goes upstairs to check out the second floor. Sophia asks the other girl how Antonio knew about his feelings for her. Roseanne says that she casually mentioned it. (it's going to be a wild night in the penthouse

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