One Life to Live Update Monday 9/11/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 9/11/00

By Merilee


Cristian is working out on a punching bag.  He's really jabbing at it.  Blair enters the room.  She is doing some meditating.  Cris comes over and they start talking about Will and Jessica.  He finds out from her that Max is going after them and he wants to bring them both back.  Jessica to him and Will to jail.  Cris hurries out of there.


Will wakes up but can't find Jessica.  She comes back with breakfast.  They continue talking and then Jessica tells him that she is going back to the States.  He tells her that he will eventually be back and in her life, again.  She tells him that she has to leave and he asks her not to go, yet.  He wants to be with her just a little while longer.


Todd is being arrested (again).  Sophia reads him his right while Antonio handcuffs him.  Roseanne escorts them downtown. 

Bo's office

Sam and Bo are discussing Matthew's upcoming paternity test.  It is set for tonight.  RJ and Hank come in.  Sam asks how Nora is.  "Fine."  RJ and Hank are in the other room when Antonio, Sophia, Roseanne, and the cuffed Todd come in.  RJ is overjoyed to see his nemesis in cuffs.  The two of them banter back and forth.  Bo is out of his office and breaks it up.  He warns the two of them to behave to each other.  Todd leaves and RJ lets into Bo for another time.  He leaves and Bo goes back to his office.  He calls Lanie and leaves her a message.

Tower's bar

Renee is working on a dryer and Rae is there to help.  In between Renee's trying to fix it; they talk about missing children.  The dryer is finally fixed and it works.  Renee says that she thinks Rae's missing child is Max.


Larry is talking to Lanie.  She has privileges in the Llanview hospital.  She inquires about Nora's condition.  He doesn't know.  She asks him to do more tests to see if there might be a chemical substance in her brain.

Nora's room

Lindsay is pouring out the kindness to Nora.  Nora asks about how she knows Bo.  Lindsay suggests that she forget Bo because they weren't speaking to each other.  Little does she know that Lanie has overheard their discussion.  Larry comes into get Nora for some more tests leaving the two sisters alone.  Lanie tells Lindsay that Bo will not come back to her or Nora because she wants Bo.

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