One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/7/00


 One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/7/00

By Merilee


Will and Jessica are looking at each other. He starts walking towards her and reaches for her but she pushes him away. She is angry because he lied to her. He tells her that he only did it because he thought her mother was dying. She tells him that that doesn't matter because he didn't trust her enough to find out her feelings about it. He mentions Cristian and Jessica says she doesn't want to talk about him because he's not the issue. They keep arguing until finally he makes like he's going to leave. She sits down and looks at the sky. He joins her. Asa's office Max is busy on the computer when Blair comes in. He tells her about seeing Cristian and Jessica at the airport. He feels that if he can bring Will and Jessica back from wherever they are that it will stop Asa from wanting to kill Ben. He makes a call to his private investigator and tells him what to do. Blair suggests that he forget about them and join her in making a new "Buchanan" family. Max says he's all for that. Sam's house Sam is reeling over the news that Ben has told him. He wonders how can that be because he remembers their parents bringing him home from the hospital. Ben asks if his mother looked pregnant. "I don't know. I was a little kid, then." It slowly begins to dawn on Sam that things have been mighty funny for a long time and Ben hasn't acted the same since Asa had his heart attack. The talk shifts to Nora and Matthew. Ben is still dead set against having Matthew tested. "Do you really want to know if that boy has Buchanan running in him?" Sam states that tomorrow he will take Matthew to see Nora. Lindsay's place She is celebrating with wine (or champagne) when Nora appears. Nora reminds her that Bo has feelings for Lanie and the feeling seems to be mutual. She finally wears Lindsay down and Lindsay yells for her to get out. She throws her glass at the mirror and it breaks. Nora's room Nora, Rachel, and Hank are going over the scrapbook. Nora remembers most of the stuff. She recalls things like when Rachel first started walking. Rachel asks her father about RJ. She leaves to go see if she can find him. Later, the three of them are looking at the book again and RJ is looking through the window. Rachel sees him and motions him in. RJ is very happy to see Nora and he tells her so. He asks Hank what is wrong with her. Hank says that they aren't sure. Rachel says that Larry wants her to see a psychiatrist. Later, in the hall, RJ is talking to Larry. He wants to know what is causing her memory loss. Larry says that it might be from the train wreck or a chemical imbalance in her brain. He leaves. RJ utters one word: Lindsay! (watch out girl, you're gonna get it) the other hospital Lanie and Bo are still talking. They come to an understanding about their feelings for each other. They decide to be truthful with each other.

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