One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/5/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/4/00

By Merilee

Kelly's hospital room

Kelly looks stronger today.  Kevin is with her.  They talk about their future but both of them agree that they don't want to hurt Joey.  She tells him that she is eager to get back to work.  She has a new idea on a story.  Something to do with mob hits and bar patrons.  He vetoes the idea.  She wants to know if they are having their first fight.  She tries to sell him on the idea of The Sun and The Banner doing a story together.

Sam's house

Nora is standing very close to Hank.  Sam wants to know if she knows who this woman (Lindsay) is.  Nora looks at her but says no.  Todd announces another visitor.  He asks Nora if he knows who this is (Colin).  She again says no.  He explains that he was at the train wreck and treated a lot of people in the wreck.  Nora looks around the room and picks up a toy train.  She wants to know who it belongs to.  Sam admits that it belongs to his son.  Nora wants to see him but Sam tells her that the little boy is at play school (or something like that).  She asks him his name and he replies "Matthew."  Todd says he has somewhere to go and Lanie follows him to the door.  She wants to know where he is going but Todd won't tell her and leaves.  Back in the other room, Hank suggests that Nora go to the hospital.  Bo says that he will go with him and Colin volunteers to accompany them but Sam says no.  He says that Nora does not need to be anywhere near him.  Colin almost slips and calls her Scarlet and Sam catches on.  He tells Colin that he will catch him. Hank, Nora, and Colin leave.  Later, Matthew is home and Sam proudly shows Bo and Lanie a picture that his son drew of the two of them.  Lanie asks Matthew if he wants to go take a bubble bath and Matthew says yes. 

Police department

John and Sophie are talking about RJ.  He tells her that he has to let him go because there were a lot of problems with the arrest and that they can't legally hold him.  She points out that RJ is guilty as sin and John agrees but his hands are tied.  He reaches for the telephone and tells them downstairs to bring RJ up.  RJ is gloating as he walks in the room because he knows that he is going free. 

The courthouse

Roseanne and Antonio are talking about their relationship.  Both of them seem to be trying to work out things with the other but Roseanne points out that there is a problem.  She says that she knows for a fact that Sophie loves him because she told her so.  That quiets Antonio because he doesn't see her that way.  Their conversation is halted when RJ walks in.  "I thought I'd find you here."  He starts to egg on Antonio and reminds him that he has no badge and that he may never get one.  Antonio's beeper goes off and he tells Roseanne that he has to leave.  She tells RJ that she still wants to be his friend.  He tells her to quit hanging around Antonio.

Police department

Antonio and Sophie are standing in front of John's desk.  He gives them each a badge but tells them that they are on probation until further notice.

Kelly's office

Blair comes in and finds Todd sitting in the editor's chair.  He is ashamed of the way the paper is being run.  Blair asks him if he will take the paper back and he says it's a possibility.  He tells her that he has an interesting idea for a story and then starts reciting his idea that involves the dirty work she is doing on her husband's "family". 

The hospital

Nora and Hank are sitting on the examining table.  Colin is walking by and sees them together.  Larry is out there.  They concur about her case.  Larry goes into the room.  Hank says that he will call Rachel and leaves.  Out in the hall, Lindsay has cornered Colin and is gloating about her handiwork.  He reminds her of the damage that has been done.  Back in the room, Larry is leaving and Nora says "good-bye doctor."  He tells her that she's Larry to him.  She asks if they were friends.  He smiles at her and tells her that they still are.  Nora lays back and says she needs her "Rach."

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