One Life to Live Update Friday 9/1/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 9/1/00

By Linda C.

John tells Bo how they went through Colin's house, but there was nothing. He also tells him that Will said he saw Nora in the house. Bo has to go to Todd's hearing. RJ comes storming through saying that the truth is out and can set you free. John says he is lucky after the stunt he pulled on Todd. RJ says that Antonio and Sophia are not cops. RJ wants John to get his stuff and he will be on his way. John tells him to sit tight and wait. Rae comes in to talk to John if he has a minute. He says they are swamped right now, it will have to wait. She apologizes for the comment she made about not having anything to come back to there. She was wrong, nothing could be further from the truth.

Kelly reads the noted from Kevin that was with her flowers. Blair comes strolling in with a box of chocolates. Blair reads the note and tells Kelly that it looks like she got what she wanted. Kelly says she listened to her, and Blair boasts that she knows her stuff. Kelly points out that Blair loves Max even though she tried to deny it.

Kevin walks in and sees Lindsay at the bar. He badgers her about drinking early, but Lindsay says it is orange juice. Max thought she was drowning her sorrows after court yesterday and wondered if it wasn't her plan to get Matt for Bo and not the other way around. He excuses himself and goes to sit with Renee. She asks him how his bullet wound is. He is fine and he brought her something. Renee opens the jewel box and closes it quickly. She wants to know what it is about. Max says they miss her, and he begs her to call off the divorce and come home. Renee refuses after what he did to Sam. She thinks he wouldn't be so cavalier about taking away someone else's son if he knew his own son was a fake.

At the court house. Todd sits with Sam waiting for Bo to finish his testimony about the shooting of RJ. Bo says the evidence was covered up by burning the car. Then Jared was on the stand and he said there was a partial fingerprint that appeared to be Todd's. Sam gets up and asks if there is any other evidence. Jared says not that he is aware of. Sam wants the charges dropped. The judge refuses so Sam asks for bail. The judge says, $450,000.  Todd is happy, he wants to go right out and look for Nora. Sam asks him how he thinks he can find her when everyone else has searched and can't find her. Bo walks in and hears Todd telling Sam and asks Sam if that is a good idea. Sam tells Bo, at least someone is looking for her. Sam says he told him yesterday and Bo said he would get right on it and he checked with the station and they have nothing to show anyone is looking. Bo says he stayed up all night trying to figure out how to handle this and asks for Bo's help.

Blair and Kelly share the candy and Blair says she may be eating for two. Kelly asks if she is pregnant. Blair says she stopped taking the pill and she tried to stop loving Max but she couldn't. They recount the shooting and realize that made them rethink their relationships. Blair all of a sudden remembers the guy she hired to take down Max and runs out of the room.

Max says he loves Asa almost as much as a real son. He tells her that he and Blair are trying to start a family. She says that if she hadn't found out that he wasn't her son, she would be happy thinking she was going to be a grandmother. He tells her that she is in every way that counts. He still thinks of her as a mother. She reiterates that she is not his mother so she can't be a grandmother to his child. He says she can try. She says if he hadn't tried to deceive her by saying he was her son, things may have been different. He tells her that he loves her. She says she can't and walks away.

Sam comes in and sees Lindsay at the bar. He approaches with a big smile on his face as he states her name. She says she is not interested. He says he thought she would like to know that Colin was asking to see him. She says it is probably about his divorce. He says Colin said he wants to talk about Nora.

Meanwhile, Bo knocks at Colin's door. Colin lets him in. Bo says he was wondering what room Colin kept her in? Colin plays dumb, kept who in? Bo says, Nora.

Lindsay says Colin probably wants to sue Sam for defamation of character. Sam says he doesn't think so and says Lindsay may want to hear what he has to say. Lindsay says it isn't about her. Sam asks why her name keeps coming up then? He then tells her he will go himself and hear Colin's story without her. He just thought she might like the opportunity to defend herself.

Back at Colin's, Bo tells Colin that Will said Nora was there. Colin says he doesn't know Nora. Bo asks if he is telling him that Will lied. Bo asks if Will was there. Colin says he was briefly. Bo asks if Lindsay is lying. Colin asks what he is talking about. Bo says Lindsay wants to talk to him. Colin doesn't have time for this. Bo says, well, he guesses they will only hear Lindsay's side of the story, whatever that may be. Colin stops in his tracks.

Rae and John continue their conversation regardless of the craziness at the station. RJ wants out, but John thinks he earned the right to torture Gannon a little bit. Rae says that meeting John is one of the best things that ever happened to her. She says his kisses make her walk into walls and she will never forgive herself if she screws things up. She tells him to let RJ go, he has tortured him enough and she has to go. She asks if they are OK. He says yes and they kiss. She tells him not to walk into any walls. She leaves and he is panting.

Todd arrives looking for Nora. The nun tells him that Nora left but she tried to stop her.

Sam and Lindsay arrive at Sam's. Lindsay asks where Colin is? Sam says he will be along any minute and this is her last chance to clear her name. She says she thought this was about Colin. Bo walks in with Colin and Lindsay asks what is going on? Colin wants to know the same thing. Mel walks out and she tells Colin and Lindsay if they know anything about Nora, to tell them. Colin says it looks like they have been set up. Lindsay asks Bo if this is some kind of trick. Bo says they want find out the truth and nobody is going anywhere until they do. Colin heads toward the door. Bo tells him to hang on. Colin asks if he is under arrest. Bo says no, but he doesn't want him to miss the fun. Colin says he has patients. Bo tells him it won't take too long. Colin asks what that is supposed to mean. Bo asks about his friendly relationship with Lindsay. Colin says she is his sister in law. Bo wants to know why she is always with Colin. She says that Colin has been asking for her help. Bo comments, if that is all he is asking her for. Colin tells Bo to stop listening to Colin, he hates Colin. Sam says that Colin hid Nora because Lindsay told him to. Sam points out that Will says Nora was there and Colin asked about the court case that Sam and Nora worked on together and no one else could have given him that. Colin says that is a joke.  Bo asks Colin if he would mind sharing it with him. Colin tells Bo that it is a joke and the punch line is Bo will believe everything Sam says about him because Bo wants to steal his wife.

Todd is can't believe the nun let Nora leave when she knew he was on his way to pick her up. She says she is sorry, but Nora insisted.  Todd rants and raves telling the nun that Nora has Hannon's disease she doesn't know what she is insisting on, she doesn't even know where she is. The nun asks him to kindly watch his language. Todd asks where Nora went. The nun says out the front door. He asks if she could be a bit more specific? She says no. He tells her that if anything happens to her she is going to have to answer to her boss. She asks, boss? He points upward and repeats, your boss and walks out the door.

Colin tells Bo that this isn't about Nora. He says that Bo wants Mel and he is standing in the way. He says that is all it could be because this doesn't make any sense. Why would he kidnap some woman he never met because Lindsay told him to? Sam tells him that he knows Colin has a reason but no one can figure it out yet. Sam is sure Lindsay is behind it. Lindsay asks Mel to tell her she doesn't believe this is true. Bo tells them to keep Mel out of it. Bo says he tried to help Nora on that train and he wants to find the people that have kept her away from them since. Bo points out to Sam that Colin admitted to Will being at the house. Sam says, but he didn't bother to call him or the police to tell them that Will was there. Colin says that Sam wouldn't have wanted him to call the police. Sam says then Colin comes up with a case only Nora would have know about. Mel says that Colin had a woman in his bed, one he claimed wasn't one of his conquests. Sam says a woman he called Scarlet. Lindsay blurts out, it was Colin, it wasn't her, it was him.

Rae goes to visit Kelly bringing a gift. Kelly tells her she didn't have to do that. Rae says she almost got Kelly killed. Kelly tells her is was her own idea to go to crossroads. Rae says they are all pulling for her and she knows Kevin is. Kelly tells her that she and Kevin are together and she prays Joe can handle it. Kelly feels she messed up so much in the past she doesn't know if she can handle a relationship. Rae says they can help each other.

Blair scares the life out of the guy who put the virus in the computer for her. Blair wants him to stop. He says he can't. She tells him he has to stop it Max comes up and asks, stop what.

Colin tells Lindsay that she is mistaken, as he grabs the back of her dress. He tells her that she didn't mean to say that, did she? It must have been the heat of the moment. Lindsay says she is only repeating what Will said. Bo looks at her like he can't believe his ears. She says, Will never mentioned her, did he? Sam says, no. She says, there you have it then, she had nothing to do with this. Colin says what they have there is a grief stricken man who is receiving imaginary calls from his fugitive son. Sam gets in his face and tells him that he knows what he did and he will get him for it. Colin says if Bo isn't charging him with anything, he is leaving otherwise, he is calling his lawyer. Colin walks out. Sam asks Lindsay again where Nora is. Bo tells her if she knows anything, she better tell them now, otherwise it will be too late. Mel begs her to tell them the truth.

Blair makes like the guy was a salesman bothering her. Max tells him to get lost. He leaves. Max kisses Blair and they talk about the baby again. Max says maybe they could use the encyclopedia. She asks for what. He says the kid. She says, oh yeah, and jumps up to go find the guy. Max is surprised that she wants to go right now. Blair claims he was a college student and probably won't be able to catch him later. She runs off.

Rae tells Kelly how Daniel told her that she has a son, not a daughter and it is Max Buchanan. Renee is standing at the door and hears all this. She says she approached Max and he said he has the DNA test to prove it, so that is the end of that. Renee looks upset.

John gives RJ back his belongings and tells him he needs a statement about the charges against Todd. RJ says when he gets to it. John tells him to hurry up, Todd was released. RJ is furious. John asks him why he tortured Todd, did he think that would bring Tea back? He says no. RJ asks if the commissioner is around. John asks why? RJ says, no reason and leaves.

Lindsay plays on Bo's feelings for her. She said he once believed her because he loved her and now he won't believe her because he doesn't love her. She takes her shots at Sam and Mel for their parts in the misery in her life. She cries that everything was always Nora, and it will always be that way even though she is gone. Lindsay goes to leave and there Todd is standing at the door with Nora. Nora looks in the house with a blank stare.


Hank tells Antonio and Sophia they are in trouble for barging into RJ's apartment.

Renee tells Ben she thinks she may have to turn Max in as a fraud.

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