One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/31/00


 One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/31/00

By Merilee


Will is still talking to the girl.  She wants to know what he is running from.  He tells her that he was falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to prison.  He was shackled and everything and on a train that had an accident and some friends helped him escape.  He tells her about his true love and her name is Jessica. 


Jessica is buying a ticket to Ireland and Cristian is trying his best to stop her  She signs for the ticket and they go elsewhere to talk.  She tells him that she gave him chance after chance after chance for him to be truthful with her and now she finds out that he lied.  He reminds her that he only told Will what Todd had told him.  She says that he should have told her the truth as soon as he had found out that Todd lied.


Sam is still telling Bo about Nora being alive and the fact that he has proof.  Will saw her.  Lindsay tries to tell Bo that what he is saying is not true.  Sam says that it is true just ask Lindsay and that he believed that she and Colin kept her prisoner in Colin's house.  Sam, Bo, and Lanie look at Lindsay.  A policeman comes to tell Sam that he is needed at the station.  Todd is being questioned and he wants his lawyer, Sam.

Police department

Todd is being escorted upstairs by John.  Todd reminds John that he was the one being wronged.  John says that it doesn't matter; that that's not what they're holding him for.  They want to question him about the bomb found at the club and he points out that if RJ had not been wearing a vest; he could have seriously been hurt.  A call goes out for Todd's lawyer; Sam.  When Sam finally does get there; he is clearly frustrated.  He tells Todd that he has other things to do like find Nora.  Todd says that unless you help me, you'll never find Nora.  Sam asks him what he means.  The phone rings and Todd grabs it out of Sam's hand.  It's Sister Agatha.  "Your wife is awake."


Sister Agatha is talking to Nora when she wakes up and sits up in bed.  "Where am I?  You're at the church.  Your husband will be very happy that you're awake.  My husband?"

Colin's house

Colin is playing the tape about Will.  Lindsay shows up.  They start talking about the missing Nora.  Lindsay is still indifferent to her being gone.  He reminds her that she is probably still a very sick woman and that she needs some urgent medical care. 

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