One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/30/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/30/00

By Linda C

After Cris gives Jess the letter, she wants to know why he didn't tell her. He does admit he read the letter and tells her that he will wait until she reads the letter before he says anything. Jess reads the letter out loud to Cris and glances at him from time to time in disbelief at what she is reading, which reveals how Cris lied to her to make him leave. He tells her he loves her and he will make it back to her some day.

Will arrives at what appears to be a barn. He takes out a picture of her and looks at it. Someone comes in so he hides.

Mel asks Sam if he is okay. He says he is furious and frustrated because Colin and Lindsay know where Nora is and he can't leave the court because he has to be there to stop Asa from taking Matthew. Mel assures him they can't proceed without Bo and Mel believes Bo would not be so cold as to take the baby. Ben shows up for support. Sam is sure Asa has a dirty trick up his sleeve.

Asa and Max conspire about the blood test. Lindsay walks in with a subpoena. She refuses to testify. Asa told her that she was the one that wanted this in the beginning. She says not without Bo there. Mel comes in and breaks it up. Asa calls Lindsay and Mel money hungry hussies. Asa and Max walk away and Mel and Lindsay talk. Lindsay asks Mel if she believes her but they are interrupted with a summons into the court room.

Judge Fredrick Simmons presiding. Ben is bent out of shape because this judge is not the one they were supposed to have and he happens to be Asa's buddy.

Antonio won't let RJ walk out of his apartment. RJ asks for a warrant. Antonio says he doesn't need one because they have reason to believe there is a crime going on. RJ says they aren't cops. Sophia tells him they are as of this morning. When RJ demands proof, Sophia throws it into the apartment and excuses herself to go get it. They burst in to find Todd struggling to get free. Reeling pepping it up for the camera.

Kevin and Kelley glance lovingly toward one another. Kevin asks if she wants company. She is up to it but the pain killers are hitting her pretty much. He comments that the bullet had his name on it and is upset that she could have died saving his life. She says she would do it again in a heart beat.

Sam stands up and asks why the judges were changed and he wasn't noticed. He says it was a last minute switch. Sam wants him to step down. The judge asks why. Sam tells him that he has personal grounds, he has jailed his son for 7 yrs and has send Sam to jail. The judge refuses to step down. Sam wants a continuance on the grounds that the judge is biased. Sam tells the judge that Asa has no grounds as a grandfather to have this test. Asa says his son is the likely father and has asked him to take care of this for him. Lindsay's says it is a lie. Asa tells her pretty woman should be seen and not heard. Sam says Bo should have to petition the court himself. Asa says they should get it over and done with. The judge agrees with Asa. Sam presents the baby's blood test that shows he is %99.9 the father and Asa has no proof. Asa points at Lindsay and says if he wants proof, look at Lindsay.

No one wants to remove the bomb until they are sure it is not real. Todd wants it off his lap now. Antonio calls the bomb squad when RJ refuses to tell him if it is real. RJ grabs the box and tosses it to Antonio to prove it's a fake.

Jess asks Cris if the letter is the truth. He says Will got most of the facts right. She asks him how he could do this.

While Will hides a woman is setting up to get her horse ready and a cop walks in and asks if she has seen an American.

Cris tells her that Todd told him that her mother was dying. Cris didn't know it was true. She says but when he found out he didn't tell her either. He let her believe Will didn't love her. She can't believe he took Will's phone call behind her back and the letter. He claims he did it for love and asks her to forgive him. She is so angry.

Kelley tells Kevin about her thoughts about "the curse". And it taking away someone else she loves. She jumped in front of him because she didn't want to lose him. He tells her that isn't enough for him and kisses her.

The judge calls Lindsay to the stand. She stops by and tells Sam that she had nothing to do with it and she needs his help so that she doesn't go to jail. Sam doesn't want Asa to win and stands up to refuse the witness because he wasn't notified. The judge refuses his claims. Asa tells Lindsay to sit down and tells her that everyone knows she messed with the tests. Sam rejects. The judge doesn't want to hear it. When Asa asks Lindsay if she messed with the tests again. She refused to answer and the judge told her she has to. Bo walks in and tells her not to answer.

Antonio wants them all to get out. RJ says it is just putty. Antonio puts RJ under arrest. RJ argues. Todd wants to know about him, he wants to get lose. Antonio says he is arrested too. Antonio says, read him his rights Pellegrino. Todd asks if he just called her Pellegrino. Sophia tapes his mouth shut. Obviously, she is not who she says she is.

Jess can't believe he wants her forgiveness. He says he wanted her to go home to her mother. Jess tells him he is as bad as Asa. He tells her not to compare him to Asa. She says he waited until he got her into bed before coming home. He mentions the wedding. She says there will be no wedding, never.

Asa tells Bo that Lindsay is going to admit to messing up the tests. Bo tells the judge that he is taking over and his father has no rights to do this and if Asa continues, he will side with Sam and fight it. Bo wants to resend the order. Asa says it is his order. Sam claims that Asa said he was standing in Bo's place. Bo is angry and tells him there is no case.

The woman tells the cop there is no one there. After the cop leave, the girl tells Will she can come out now, so he does. He asks why she didn't turn her in. She won't unless he gives her a reason to.

Jess starts packing her bags to go look for Will. Cris tells her if she ever loved him to please don't go and let him make it up to her. She asks if he was ever going to tell her the truth. He says he did tell her the truth when he told her he loved her and that they were supposed to be together. He says he asked her many times if it would change her mind if Will came back and she said no. She tells him then, she guesses she lied to. She says she is leaving and he better not follow her. She leaves and he says, like hell he won't and goes out after her.

Both Todd and RJ are in jail and Todd cries that he is the victim and has to get out of there. It is important, someone is counting on him. Antonio says Todd has a list of counts against him, including attempted murder so he isn't going anywhere. Todd demands to see his lawyer, Sam.

Sam threatens to take it to the ethics board if the judge doesn't drop the order due to all the past cases he has done that resulted in Sam's family being incarcerated. The judge drops the case and Asa tells him he is going to regret it.  Sam sits with a big smirk on his face, as Asa tells Bo that they had them right where they wanted them. Bo says it was right where Asa wanted them. Asa tells Sam it is not over by a long shot and walks out. The conversations continues after the judge leaves with Lindsay telling Bo she missed him and Sam thanking Ben for his support. She can't wait to hear about his trip. He seems less than excited to see her. Sam tells Bo that he appreciates what he did in court. Sam tells Bo he has news about Nora. Lindsay looks up shocked at that comment. Lindsay tries to stop Sam from telling Bo by saying this isn't the time. Bo wants to hear it and Sam tells him that Nora is alive and he has proof.

Back at the hospital, Kevin and Kelley lie on the bed. She giggles. He asks what is so funny. She says her getting shot. He says that is not funny. She says she would have been gone, remember she was leaving town. He tells her that they are supposed to be together and he is going to make sure they stay that way for a very long time.

Tomorrow: At the airport, Cris tells Jess that she told him she loved him. She says he is right, she did.

Mel tells Bo that Sam is completely certain that Nora is alive.

Todd tells Sam that if he leaves him in jail, he will never find Nora.

A nun sitting over Nora tells her to wake up, she has nothing to fear and Nora's eyes open up.

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