One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/29/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/29/00

By  Linda

Joe is by Kelly's side in the hospital when she comes to. He tells her about what happened and assures her she will be okay. He asks if she is looking for Kevin. When she says no, he tells her that she is and doesn't have to lie to him. Joe tells her that he loves her but he knows she loves Kevin.

Ben is cleaning up the mess in the bar as Kevin walks in. Kevin points out where he was standing when the shots were fired. Ben asks how Kelly is doing. Kevin says good, Joe is with her. Ben asks if there is anything he can do and Kevin tells him to catch the guys who are responsible for this.

Antonio and Roseanne argue about what is going on between them. He wants to know why she keeps showing up in her life. He wonders why she went nuts when Andy called. She says that he went nuts, then she went nuts. She wonders why he kissed her on the dock. She asks him to tell her how he really feels about her.

Jess is looking all over for the letter from over seas. Cris asks how she knows and who told her. She tells him that Will called and said he sent the letter. He asks her about her saying she didn't want to talk to him. She says but she wanted to know that he was all right. He asked where he called from. She says Ireland. He asks if she wants a letter from Will? She stares at him.

RJ, brandishing a gun, pushes Todd into his apartment. Todd tells him to take it easy, he is cooperating. RJ thanks him for taking his invitation. Todd wants to know why he is there. RJ tells him he is going to make him disappear just like Todd did to Tea. Todd reminds him that they were both dumped by Tea. After taking so much of Todd's toying with his emotions, RJ tries strangling Todd with a towel then duct tapes to a chair and shows him the homemade bomb that will blow him to hell.

Ben tells Kevin not to try to track down the people responsible for the shooting.

Renee wants to give Cris and Jess their wedding and reception to help make up for all that Asa did to them. When Renee brings up poor Will and him having to be on the run and ruining his future, Jess snaps at her to please not talk about Will.

Roseanne tells Antonio off and walks out of the diner. Sophia tells him that she thinks he really wants Roseanne because he would never have kissed her and Roseanne had told her how upset that made her.

Roseanne shows up at RJ's and finds Todd bound to the chair trying furiously to get loose. RJ doesn't let her in and tells her he will call her later. He closes the door and after a few words, places the homemade bomb in Todd's lap, tapes his mouth and walks out his door right into Antonio, Roseanne and Sophia.

Joe goes to Crossroads and talks a bit to Ben and Kevin about Kelly. Kevin leaves and visits Kelly in the hospital.

Cris finally hands over the letter Jess is looking for.

Antonio wants to come in and look around. RJ asks him if he has a warrant?

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