One Life to Live Update Monday 8/28/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 8/28/00

By Merilee

Max & Blair's room

After, Rae has dropped her bombshell; Max repeats it slowly.  He tells her that in no way is he her son because he has the results to prove he's Asa's and Renee's.  He asks her where she got this information.  "From Daniel."  Blair replies that she thought the child was a girl.  Rae says that she's not sure what sex the child is supposed to be.  John says that he can take Max downtown for questioning unless he answers some questions.  "What was Daniel blackmailing you for?"  Max says that Daniel found out about his other life.  His gambling addiction and all the aliases he would use.  Rae and John silently leave the room.  As soon as the door is shut, Blair applauds her husband for a job well done.  He tells her that he has something to do and leaves.  She gets her birth control pills and throws them in the trash can.

Jessica's room

Cristian tells Jessica about the list of apartments he has found and shows her the paper.  He says that they ought to be able to afford something because he just sold a painting.  She is looking through the paper and he is sifting through the mail.  He spies the letter from Will and hides it.  He tells her that he has to meet with some agents and leaves.


Antonia is minding the diner for Carlotta when Roseanne comes in.  She says all she wants is a cup of coffee.  He asks her why she is giving him the cold shoulder treatment.  She's about to answer when Sophie rushes in.  Antonio and Sophie are now Llanview cops.  "We'll be partners forever."  A little bit later, Sophie is gone and Cristian comes in.  He tells Roseanne and Antonio about the letter from Will.  How the letter will reveal that he lied to Will.  Roseanne says to forget the letter and destroy it.  Antonio says to tell Jessica the truth. 

Jessica's room

Jessica is on the phone.  It's a call from Will.  Before he hangs up, he tells her about the letter.  Jess turns to Cris and wants to know about the letter that Will sent.

Liam's house

He hurriedly hangs up the phone when he hears noises outside the door.  Liam, Debra, and the constable walk in but there is no Will.

Rae's room

Rae is wondering why she came to Llanview.  She feels like there is nothing keeping her here.  John says that when she figures it out to let him know and leaves.

Lindsay's place

RJ is having a not so nice conversation with Lindsay.  He says that he gave her the drug and now it's time for her to keep her end of the bargain.  She says she doesn't know of anything yet.  The talk gets around to Todd.  RJ seems very interested in knowing where Todd is.  She says that he's probably over at Sam's.

Sam's house

Todd pretends to be on the phone when Sam comes in the door.  Todd says that it was another hunch about Nora.  Todd is looking through Sam's mail when he spies Will's letter.  He tries to hide it behind some legal papers.  Sam tears open the envelope.  The court date has been moved up on Matthew's paternity.  Sam says that he has some calls to make and Todd opens the letter from Will.  He crumples it up and shoves it into his pocket.  He calls the church to tell them that he has made a decision about Nora.  As soon as he walks outside; he's met by RJ.                        

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