One Life to Live Update Friday 8/25/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 8/25/00

By Merilee

Jessica's room

Jessica wakes up with Cristian watching her.  They tell each other that this is the way they want to spend their mornings for the rest of their lives.  The phone rings and she answers it.  It's Viki.  She wants to know how everything is and before she hangs up she tells her daughter to tell Cristian hello.

Rae's room

John and Rae are discussing the possible whereabouts of Daniel.  He tells her that he has alerted his men at the station and all the hospital staff.  The talk turns to the possibility of whether or not Daniel is telling the truth about Max being her son.  They decide that there is only one thing to do.  Go see Max.

Max&Blair's room

She wakes up with Max looking at her.  She gets up and goes to the door and gets their breakfast.  It looks good.  (I forget what it is) They talk about Kelly and then they switch to talking about the baby.  Blair spies her container of birth control pills and hurriedly puts them in the drawer.  She goes back to bed where her husband says he has a surprise for her.  She opens the box and finds a home pregnancy kit.  It turns out negative.  (of course) Later, they come back to their room and find John and Rae in there.  The maid (who is kin to Nigel) let them in.  Max tells her that she's fired and slams the door shut.  John starts grilling him on why he was at the Crossroads last night.  He knew about the blackmail money because Rae had told him.  Max tells them that he is a Buchanan and that anyone would try to get money from a Buchanan.  John keeps grilling him and Max and Blair are watching Rae's reactions.  Finally, she blurts out that Max is her son.

Lindsay's place

She is working when Colin comes in asking where Nora is.  Lindsay says that she doesn't know.  He is worried about her health.  She says that she might come back with part of her memory gone or she might not come back at all.  He tells her that she might come back with no memory at all.  They keep fussing and Lanie comes in wanting to know what they're arguing about.  She turns to Colin and wants to know if he know where Nora is.  He tells her that the night of the train wreck he was there helping a woman in the front car but that when the car blew up; he was thrown clear and the woman wasn't.  He didn't know until later that that was Nora.  He leaves.  Lindsay tells her sister that Sam is just having a hard time accepting the fact that Nora is dead.  They talk about Bo.  Lanie tells her sister that she called him but he wasn't there so she left a message.  "He's on his way home."


The nun tells Todd that there is no change in Nora and that he would be better off taking her home or putting her in a place where they could look after her.  He tells the woman that his wife has a disease called Hannon's disease.  (really) She asks where it originated from.  He says Eastern Europe and the nun says that it's best to find a place there to take her and she leaves.  Todd is sitting on the bed and telling Nora his plans.  He takes out a coin and flips it.

Liam's house

Right before he wakes up, Will has a dream of him and Jessica in bed.  He wakes up and says that he's coming home for her.  Later, he's lying in bed and hears Debra and Liam arguing.  The argument is about him.  He pretends he's asleep when Debra looks in.  As soon as she is gone, he gets out of bed and puts on his shoes.

Sam's house

Todd is there.  Lurking around as usual.  He spies the answering machine and plays back Will's message to Sam.  The phone rings and he answers it.  It's Sam wanting to know about things.  Todd assures him that everything is fine and hangs up.  He pushes the button on the answering machine to delete Will's message.  Just then, the mailman drops a letter in Sam's door.


Jessica and Cristian are talking when Colin comes in.  "Hello Dr. MacGyver.  It's Colin today.  How's your mother.  She's fine.  In fact, she's in Florida.  That's good."  Cris and Jess resume their seats and Colin goes to the counter.  He can hear everything the two of them are saying.  They talk about their wedding, Will, the tape, and Nora.  Colin hurriedly leaves.

Colin's house

He is playing the tape of when he first brought Nora to the hospital.  He describes her injuries.  He shuts off the recorder and dumps the contents of the envelope unto the table.  He puts the tape into the recorder.  He hears Jessica's and Asa's voices.

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