One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/24/00


 One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/24/00

By Merilee


Sophia tells her slave (Antonio) to come in and make himself comfortable.  They talk about her becoming a cop and she says that this would be the first time somebody in her family succeeded.  He does his best to reassure her.  They talk about being partners and Antonio tells her that they will be partners for a long long time.  They begin to kiss when Roseanne comes in.  Sophia can feel the friction in the air and she reminds Antonio about the stress management class they took at the police academy and suggest that he and Roseanne try it while she goes and get some drinks.  Antonio goes to Roseanne and she immediately lights into him.  She accuses him of using her to get what he wanted.  She goes upstairs and Sophia comes back. 


Cristian is on the phone with Will.  Will wants to speak to Jessica but Cris tells him that they're at the hospital and hangs up when Jessica joins him.  Elsewhere, Larry is talking to Kevin and Joey.  He tells them that Kelly survived the operation but that she's still in very serious condition.  Max and Blair are in another room.  Blair is worried about her husband but Max isn't.  He reminds her that Kelly is the one that she should be worried about.  He goes to call and find out how she's doing.  He hangs up and tells Blair that she came through the operation but she's still critical.  He tells her that they've moved her to ICU and they leave to go there.

Daniel's room

Rae thinks that Daniel is telling another lie about her missing child.  He tells her that he has proof.  Rae wants to know where and he tells her that as soon as he gets out of there; he'll get it for her.

Liam's house

Will is thinking about the phone call with Cris.  Debra comes back in the room and asks him about it.  He tells her that somebody lied and he was forced to leave his girlfriend, Jessica.  He asks her about the letter that he gave to Liam.  She tells him that her husband mailed it.

Hospital hall

Rae has come out of Daniel's room and she sees Max and Blair.  Blair says some unkind things and Max tells her that they are off to see Kelly.  "You remember her?  She was the innocent bystander that took a bullet that was meant for Daniel."  Rae is left alone and crying.  John comes rushing towards her.  It takes her a while but she finally manages to tell him that Daniel said that she had a son and his name is Max.  A little later, they are standing outside the door of Daniel's room but the bed is empty.  John asks Larry if they moved him.  "No.  He hasn't even been discharged."


Kevin is in there talking to God.  He says that it's not fair for Him to want to take her. 

Kelly's room

Joey asks Larry if he can see her.  He goes in and takes her hand.  It's really touching as he proclaims his love for her.


Kevin is still talking to God when Joey comes in.  He asks his brother what Kelly was doing there.  Kevin says that he's not sure/.  He thought Kelly had left town.  He was there with Rae and Daniel.  It's a very touching scene when the boys apologize to each other and hug.

Kelly's room

Blair is in there beseeching her cousin to wake up.  She is near tears when she leaves.  She walks out in the hall and Max has a surprise for her.  "I thought you might be hungry."  A little bit later, Joey and Kevin go into Kelly's room.  Max and Blair watch from the window.  Kevin is talking to Kelly and Joey is standing right next to him when Kelly starts to wake up. 


Cristian tells Jessica that he feels kind of uncomfortable being there.  This is her mother's house.  Jessica reminds him that her mother isn't there.  Things get very passionate and they end up in her bed. 

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