One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/23/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/23/00

By Merilee


Asa and Renee make their way to Max while the others slowly get up.  The gunman that John shot is dead.  Daniel and Kelly have been hit.  The two are taken to the hospital and Kevin, Rae, and John leave with them.  The police take statements from the people that are left.  Ben comes in and Asa immediately lights into him.  He's associated with the mob and it's all his fault.  Skye comes to his defense and tells him that the meeting was set up by Daniel but Asa doesn't believe her. 


Roseanne is talking to Sophia.  Sophia tells her that she thinks she's in love with Antonio.  Roseanne tries to tell the girl that he will hurt her but Sophie doesn't want to hear it.  Roseanne tells her how Antonio used her to get her to sign the annulment papers.  Sophie tells her that if she's her friend; she would be offering her advice.  Roseanne says that is what she is doing but the other girl won't listen.  Sophie gets up and goes to the bar where Antonio is.  They go to the floor and start dancing.  Rosanne goes to the bar where Joey is reading the letter from Kelly.  She asks him to dance and he agrees but before he goes he sets fire to the letter and drops it in the ash tray.  Kevin comes in looking for Joey.  Joey misunderstands the situation because Kevin wants to tell him about Kelly.  He finally tells her that Kelly is in the hospital because she's been shot and it doesn't look good.  Both boys leave.  Roseanne and Sophie go back ot the table and start talking about Kelly. 

Liam's house

Will wakes up to find a woman looking over him.  She introduces herself as Debra, Liam's wife.  Will says that his name is Bill.  He gives Debra some money to cover a call stateside.  He asks for a drink of water and Debra leaves.  He dials Sam's number but gets the answering machine.  He tells his father not to believe Todd.  Nora is alive.  He hangs up when Debra comes back.  A little bit later, he tries to call Jessica but Cristian answers the phone.

Max and Blair's room

She is still on the phone trying to get hold of Max but there is no answer.


Blair comes rushing in and wants to know what happened.  Max tells her that there were gunshots and that people were hurt.


Kelly and Daniel are wheeled into different rooms.  Rae and John have accompanied them.  Larry comes out to talk to them.  It doesn't look good.  He goes back where Kelly is and Rae and John sit down.  She feels that this is all her fault.  John assures her that it isn't.  Joey, Kevin, Jessica, Max, Blair, and Cristian have joined them when Larry comes out again.  He tells them that her condition is very very bad.  A nurse comes out to talk to Rae.  She tells her that her husband is awake and would like to see her.  John is about to accompany her when he gets an urgent call.

Daniel's room

He wants to be truthful to her.  Her child is standing over there and he points toward the hall.  Rae says "Blair, is my daughter?  No, you had a son and it's Max."

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