One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/22/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/22/00

By Merilee


John, Rae, Kevin, Max, Skye, and Daniel are there.  Daniel tells them that he has something to tell all of them that will benefit of them all.  Rae wants to know why the others are here since this is a private matter.  She tells him that she has what he wants.  She tells him that its a down payment and that he will get the rest tomorrow.  Skye gets upset and tells him that she has better things to do with her time than be here.  Daniel quickly changes her mind.  Max tells Daniel that he knows a man that is in Llanview that is after Daniel.  Daniel says that he must have Max to thank for the fish.

Cargo hold

Two men are unloading and Will is hiding.  Suddenly, a flashlight is in Will's eyes.  The two men say they never heard of anybody named Todd.  Will collapses and the men take him back to their house.  One of them goes to get the doctor while the other one stays with Will.


Jessica and Cristian spot Roseanne at the bar.  They go to her and Roseanne thinks she sees Will but she doesn't.  On the other side of the bar;Antonio and Sophia and their police cadet buddies are celebrating.  They pit Antonio and Sophia together because Antonio scored the highest and Sophia scored the lowest on their exams.  They dare each other and Sophia wins.  Roseanne looks on.  Sophia goes to her and they discuss Roseanne's relationship with Antonio.  The other girl doesn't want to talk about it.  At the table, Joey and Jessica are talking.  He tells her that Cristian will lie to her sooner or later. 

Palace bar

Renee tells Kelly that she has no idea where Rae went to.  Kelly tells her about the phone call from her informant and she fears that Max is in danger.  "Somebody will be shot tonight."  Renee makes a call to Asa and tells him to meet her right away.  Later, he shows up and Renee tells her what Kelly said about Max being in danger.


Kelly comes rushing in and tells them that they are in danger and that they have to get out.  A gunman comes in and aims for Daniel.  He goes down and the gunman starts shooting at everybody else.  Later, Asa and Renee come in and see all of them laying on the floor.

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