One Life to Live Update Monday 8/21/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 8/21/00

By Merilee

Asa's room

He's still in a troubled sleep.  Still dreaming about Max.

Blair's and Max's room

Blair is just waking up and finds Todd there.  Todd tells her that Starr has told him all about the red haired lady.  How she doesn't like her.  He tells Blair that what is going on between Max and the lady ; he might just try to get custody of Starr.  She wants to know exactly what their daughter told him. "Everything."

Hotel dining room

Skye is enjoying her breakfast when Max comes in and again warns her to stay away from Daniel.  "He says that if he doesn't get his money that he will expose me as not being the real Buchanan son."

Rae's hotel room

She is going through her jewelry as John looks on.  She is worried that selling this stuff will not be enough.

hotel hall

Daniel is locking the door to his room when he spies a servant's cart.  He spots the message on it and turns and walks very fast.

Grace's grave

Daniel is standing over the grave when Kelly walks in.  He hides behind a tree and she places the flowers on the grave.  She starts talking and Daniel steps out of the shadows.  They figure out who each other is and Kelly slaps him across the face.  She tells him that Kevin Buchanan was the only man that she ever loved.  Kevin walks in and tells Kelly that he thought he'd find her here.  The three of them exchange words and the partings not good.

Hotel hall

Skye is trying to get into Daniel's room.  Todd shows up and tells her that he's Starr's father.  He tells her that what makes Starr unhappy makes him unhappy.  What makes Blair unhappy; makes Starr unhappy and that makes him unhappy.  He tells her to stay away from them or else.  "You don't want to make me unhappy."


Daniel has magically unlocked the doors and makes for the telephone.

Hotel dining room

Kevin is meeting with a man who is willing to help with the money that Rae needs.  Max is meeting with a man who will provide a scare to Daniel.

Hotel hall

Max and the man have gone upstairs to Daniel's room.  Max starts banging on the door and the man tells him that it may already be too late.  They look at the cart.

Max and Blair's room

Todd tells her that he has taken care of Skye.  Blair follows him out of the room and the phone rings.  It's Daniel wanting Max to meet him at Crossroads at 9:00.  Later, Max comes in and sees the message.

Rae's room

She tells John that Daniel has called and wants her at the Crossroads at 9:00.  He tells her that he is going with her.


Kelly wants to know where Rae is.  She's not in her room; something about the Crossroads. 


John, Rae, Kevin, Max, and Skye walk in.  "Good.  Everybody's here.  Now we can get started."

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