One Life to Live Update Friday 8/18/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 8/18/00

By Merilee

Asa's place

Asa is asleep and he's having terrible dreams.  Ben, Will, and Sam are in it.  They are talking about Asa and the mess he has made of his life.  They come to the sign in the road that says Heaven and it points to Crossroads so they go in but the door blows shut behind them.  They think once they are in there; they will see Grace but nobody is there.  Sam tries to open the door but it won't budge.  The place starts burning and the three of them are banging on the door.  Asa is on the outside just smiling and yelling.  Later, he has another dream.  There is a party going on in Crossroads but he isn't allowed in.  Suddenly, Max appears.  They go inside where the party is and everybody stops.  Sam points a gun at him and says that he will not shoot Asa but instead aims it at Max.  Everybody has a gun but only one shot is heard.  Max goes down and Sam aims the gun at Asa.  The gun goes off and Asa wakes up.


Viki and Ben answer the door and Lanie comes in.  She has some good news about Viki's test results.  The tests showed no signs of cancer.  Viki hugs Ben and shouts for joy.  Jessica, Cristian, Kevin, Joey, and Kelly come to see what the noise is about.  Viki tells them the good news and they all hug her.  They go back into the living room.  A little later, after Lanie has left, Kelly gets up to leave and goes to Viki and tells her to have a magical time on her trip.  She sees Kevin in the hall. 

Antonio's apartment

Sophia comes in and tells him that she has the makings for a good supper.  She asks Antonio where are the pots and he tells her.  He gives her an apron to wear so she won't ruin her dress.  Supper is ready and they sit down to eat.  (I forget how) but stuff is spilled on Antonio's shirt.  She tells him to take it off and that she'll take care of it.  She gets up and goes to the freezer.  She goes to leave and takes the shirt with her.  She stops outside the door and sniffs the shirt.

Colin's house

Colin opens the bedroom door and sees lumps in the bed.  "Scarlet?"  He walks to the bed and pulls the covers back.  It's Todd.  Todd and Sam corner Colin.  Sam demands to know where Nora is.  Colin says that he doesn't know who Nora is.  He orders them out of the house.  Sam tells him that he has hired private investigators.  "When you look out this window, you will see the car; when you go out the back door; you will see them.  Todd and Sam leave.

Sam's house

Sam asks Todd if he thinks he is crazy for thinking Nora is alive.  Todd says no.  The phone rings and Sam answers it.  It's the private investigator and he thinks he has seen Nora.  Todd leaves and Sam calls for Lanie.  He explains to her about the phone call and asks her to stay with Matthew.

Outside Llanfair

Cristian is showing Jessica how to shoot a basketball.  She's terrible.  They start kissing.  Cris steals the ball and Jess challenges him.  She is better than he thought.

The church

Todd comes into Nora's room.  He tells her about his day. 

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