One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/17/00


 One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/17/00

By Merilee

Llanview Towers restaurant

Daniel and Max are still talking about their deal when Rae approaches them and asks Daniel if he's trying to swindle money out of Max, as well.  Skye joins them and the two women exchange not so kind words with each other.  Skye wants to know if Rae got bailed out of jail but the woman never answers her.  John joins the group.  Daniel and Skye go to their table with Max looking on.  John shows Rae the key that he found in Daniel's room and did some investigating and found out that it belongs to a locker at the bus station.

The docks

Roseanne has met up with RJ.  He is blasting her for being his friend and meanwhile working with Antonio to find evidence against him.  He says that he will continue to be her friend but not to use him in this way or he'll have to do something.

Antonio's apartment

Sophia is going through his refrigerator and cabinets but can't find anything to eat.  He wants to order a pizza.  She disagrees and tells him that she is going to the store and is coming back with things to fix him something to eat.  She leaves and the phone rings.  Andy wants to know if he has signed the divorce papers, yet.  He says no and there's a heated discussion between the two of them which results in him slamming down the phone and signing the papers.  Roseanne has come in by this time.  She tells him that she knows how he feels.  She went through the same thing when she signed the papers on Cristian.  She keeps talking and realizes that he isn't saying anything.  She gets angry at him and leaves.  He wipes all the papers on the floor while she is standing on the other side of the door.  She leaves and a little later, Sophia shows up with a bag of groceries and she has changed her clothes.  She knocks at the door.


Ben and Renee are talking.  She ells him that it's probably best that she doesn't know who her real son is because she wouldn't want him to have to put up with this mess.  Ben looks very guilty and tries to assure her that everything will be all right.

On the road

Viki is standing in front of Asa with her bald head.  She tells him that this is reality.  She explains to him that she has cancer and that she had a mastectomy.  He wants to know why he wasn't told.  She says she only told the people closest to her.  The children and Ben.  He says that Clint should be told; after all he was her husband.  Viki disagrees.  She tells him that he really disappointed the family tonight.  "How could he profess his love to them one minute; then do this?"  Ben comes up and asks her if she's okay.  He wants to take her home.  Renee approaches him.  As usual he gets the wrong idea.  He thinks Renee is coming back to him.  She says no and hands him an envelope.  She sadly tells him that these are divorce papers and walks away.  Asa looks at the road signs.  One says Heaven and the other Hell.


Jessica, Joey, and Kevin are discussing their evening.  They all agree to wok on their problems and vow to stick together.  There's a knock at the door and Joey goes to answer it.  He opens the door to Kelly and she says that she has been looking all over for them and that they have to talk.  Joey brings up the subject of divorce and goes back in the other room.  Kelly looks up and Kevin is standing in the doorway.  The boys leave which leaves Kelly and Jessica.  Kelly says that she made the wrong choice of love but Jessica made the right one.  Jess looks the other way.

Outside of Llanfair

Joey is playing basketball and Kevin challenges him to a game of one-on-one.  They start reminiscing about old times.  Things get kind of heated when Cristian joins them.


Ben and Viki have come in.  She doesn't think that it would be a good idea for him to tell Asa that he's his son.  He opens the door and finds Jessica, Joey, Kevin, Kelly, and Cristian.  Viki tells them that she has made a decision.  She has kept a journal of her illness and she and Ben think that it would be a good idea to publish it.  The kids are all proud of her.

Bus station

John gives Rae the key and she opens the locker.  She finds another note.  Where is my million dollars?

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