One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/16/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/16/00

By Merilee

Starr's room

The little girl is writing a letter.  Todd wants to know she is writing to.  She tells him that it's to her friend that she met at camp and that she is telling about the plans Blair has for Max.  She asks her father what revenge is.  He explains it to her but then he walks across the hall.

Max and Blair's room

Max shows her the envelope that Asa had given him.  Inside are papers that have been drawn up for the next Buchanan heir and that she will be solely in charge of it.  They start talking about their lovemaking when silently Todd opens the door and looks on.  He closes the door in disgust.  They talk about their lovemaking and Max admits that it has gotten a lot better.  The phone rings and he answers it.  Daniel wants to meet him downstairs in the dining room immediately.  Blair asks if it was Skye and he says no that it was someone else.

John's apartment

She is blasting him about having to spend some time in jail.  He says that it was for her own good; that way he knew she wasn't trying to do anything about Daniel.  He has a plan of his own.  He wants Rae to keep Daniel busy while he searches the man's room.  Rae agrees.


Viki walks in and Ben tells her that the place is closed for a party.  He describes to her all the food that is being served.  Just then Jessica, Kevin, Joey, and Cristian pop out and yell "surprise."  Jess tells her that this is a party for her in honor of everything going so well for her mother.  Ben comes out with a microphone and hands it to Viki.  She says she will not sing and starts asking the others to.  They say no but finally manage to get Jessica to.  While she is singing; the scene changes to Will in the cargo hold.  He is writing a letter to Jess.  He tells her that when he comes back that they will marry.  Jess finishes singing.  She hears a song on the radio and lines up the boys for a line dance.  Little do they know, that Asa is watching them from outside.  The dancing stops when Renee walks in.  Ben tells her that the bar is closed for a private party.  Renee says that she was told to meet Viki here.  Just then, Asa walks in.  He wants to make amends.  He tells Viki and Kevin that he has dropped his lawsuit against the Banner.  He opens a box bearing a ring and asks Renee for another chance but she does not want that.  Asa begs Jessica to forgive him and she tells him that she hates him.  He tells the group that he is dying and produces the ex ray for them to see.  Ben looks at it and tells him that it's a heart of an 85 year old.  Asa says that he's getting older all the time.  "It's the heart of an 85 year old woman."  Asa slowly walks out of the bar and Viki follows.  She catches up to him and wants to show him something.  She starts to take off the wig.  He just stands there not saying anything.

Palace Hotel dining room

Daniel and Max are discussing their relationship.  Daniel says that he know everything because Skye told him.  He will keep his mouth shut if Max agrees to pay him.  Rae is standing in the doorway looking at the two men.

Starr's room

The little girl asks her father if he will ever get back with Blair.  He says probably not.  "Can I live with you and Tea?"  I will never be with her, either.

Asa office

Blair is going through the desk and messing with the computer.  (What is she looking for?  Only time will tell.)

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