One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/15/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/15/00

By Merilee

The docks

Antonio has come around and tells the girls that he does not want to go to the hospital.  Roseanne gets on one side and Sophia gets on the other and they slowly go back to Antonio's apartment. 

Sam's house

Sam is waiting on a visitor.  Lindsay finally arrives and he invites her in.  He offers her something to drink but she wants to know what she is doing there.  He starts talking about Nora and how Will told him that she was alive and being held hostage at Colin's house.  He wants to know what they did with her?  Lindsay points out that between the time Sam broke down the front door and ran up the stairs; they did not have time to do anything with her.  Lanie is standing at the front door at the time ad hears the heated discussion.  She comes in and Sam leaves.  Lindsay is worried about him.  She thinks he is losing it. 

Antonio's apt.

The three of them finally make it back.  The girls get him settled on the couch and Roseanne leaves to go find some stuff to help Antonio.  Sophia reminds him that he is not a professional but that they are partners.  She wants him to call her in case he wants to do anything like this again.  He finally agrees and she leaves when Roseanne comes back.  He tries to take off his shirt and finally does but he is in a lot of pain.  He feels that he may have a broken rib and she wraps it for him.  Things begin to get heavy between them when she tells him that she is going to fix some tea.  She reminds him that this place used to be her place and that she knows where it is.

The docks

Sophia is there with RJ.  He is toying with her about Antonio.  She tells him that if he steps out of line that he'll have her to contend with.

Buchanan mansion

Asa is sitting in his office when Max joins him.  He tells him that there will be a new Buchanan addition.  Asa is not really overjoyed with the news but accepts it.  Upstairs, Blair enters Starr's bedroom and wants to know who the little girl is talking to.  Just as she says "her daddy"; Todd steps out.  Blair tells Starr to go see Nigel who just baked some cookies  As soon as the door closes behind her, they start arguing.  Max comes in and wants to know who she is talking to.  She says that she is talking to Starr's little froggie that Todd gave her.  She gently pushes him out of the room where he tells her that he'll be in their room under the covers.  Todd pops up from behind the bed and asks about the baby.  She quickly tells him that there is no baby and that she is on the pill and always will be.  "That's good.  A half brother for Starr?  Yuck!"   


Ben and Viki are discussing Sam's belief that Nora is alive.  Neither of them believe it and think that Todd may have something to do with it.  They get ready for bed but neither of them are ready for sleep.  Ben gets a deck of cards and they play. 

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