One Life to Live Update Friday 8/11/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 8/11/00

By Merilee

Daniel's hotel room

Daniel walks in his room and is surprised to see Rae in there.  She covers her tracks and tells him that she was waiting for him.  She asks him if he ever really loved her.  He says he did but that once she found out about her daughter; he felt left out.  She guesses that that's why he turned to other women.  Then they start remembering good times in their marriage.  Rae is about to leave when the door knocks.  Skye comes in and Rae wants to know what she is doing here.

Colin's house

Sam has opened the door to Nora's room but no Nora.  Downstairs, Hank and John are talking to Colin and Lindsay.  Hank and John go to the bedroom but all they see is an empty bed.  They start questioning Lindsay and Colin but they plead ignorance.  They all guess that Will made the phone call.  Colin says that Will came to him and that he was going to turn him in but that he left before Colin could do anything.  Hank tells Sam that they can't get a search warrant without the witness coming in and telling them the story.  The police and Sam leave and Colin turns to Lindsay.  Neither of them know where Nora is.

The hotel bar

Skye is sitting there enjoying a drink when Max sits beside her.  He again tells her to stay away from Daniel Faulkner.  She reminds him that it is none of his business who she sees.  Blair witnesses all this and moves towards them.  She tells her husband that she knows all about Skye turning down his wanting to make love to her because Skye already told her.  She then drops a bombshell.  She tells them that she's pregnant.  Skye leaves and heads upstairs.  Max and Blair move to a table.  He asks her if she's really pregnant.  She says yes.

We see Nora.  Todd has her.  Don't know where, though.

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