One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/9/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/9/00

By Merilee

The courtroom

Sam, Hank, Jessica, and Cris are waiting for the judge's verdict.  It comes and it is not completely unexpected.  Court is dismissed and they file into the hall.  Hank is talking to Sam.  He says that the best he can do for Will when he comes back is to offer him a year's probation and community service.  Sam reluctantly agrees. 

Buchanan mansion

Renee is talking to Asa.  She tells him that she only came back for one reason.  There is a lawyer coming over and Asa has two choices.  He can represent him on fixing the charges against Will or he will represent her in divorce.  He makes his choice and she leaves the room walking very slow.  He makes a phone call and tells his lawyer that he has to meet with him once and for all.

The courthouse

Sam is talking to Hank about Matthew's paternity when Asa walks in.   Asa tells them both that his lawyer has filed papers and he is suing Sam for another blood test for Matthew.

The warehouse

Will is hiding there when Todd comes in.  Will doesn't want to leave but Todd convinces him otherwise.  Todd hands him some money and leaves.  Will finds Todd's cell phone and makes a call to Sam.  He finally convinces his father that Nora is alive and that he has seen her. 

Viki's hospital room

She is pacing the floor when Lanie comes in.  She tells Lanie that today is her last treatment and Colin hasn't shown up, yet.  Viki says that Joey and Kevin are out looking for him.  Kelly comes in and Lanie says she is going to look for Colin.  Kelly tells Viki that she is sorry and that everything is her fault.  Joey and Kevin show up and the room goes quiet.  Kelly makes her excuses and leaves.  Joey follows her out and tells her that maybe it's time that they start talking about a divorce.

Colin's house

Lindsay and Colin are still holding vigil over Nora.  Lindsay says that she just wanted to erase the last couple of months from Nora's memory.  He tells her that he doesn't know what is going on.  He says that the brain waves aren't normal.  The doorbell rings and Colin goes to answer it.  Lanie wants to know why he isn't at the hospital; doesn't he know that today is the last day of Viki's treatment?  He tells her that when he woke up he felt dizzy and laid back down and went back to sleep.  She spies Lindsay's purse on the table.  She goes to the stairs and starts calling for her sister.  Lindsay comes down and explains that she is here because she needed a friend to talk to and he has been very understanding.  Lanie asks her if Colin gave her an injection.  Lindsay says no that he just gave her a shoulder to lean on.  Upstairs, Nora is waking up.

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