One Life to Live Update Monday 8/7/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 8/7/00

By Merilee


Cris and Jess are out under the stars.  A song comes on the radio and Jess freezes.  He deducts that this song was hers and Will's.  She turns to look for a song for the two of them.  A little bit later, he and Jess marry themselves under the stars.

Todd's car

The car radio is also playing his and Jess' song.  They come to a stop and Todd points out the ship in the harbor.  He says that Will will be on that in the morning.  He leaves to go make arrangements.  Will starts writing a letter to Jessica.

Sam's house

He is busy practicing for Will's case tomorrow.  Lanie enters the room and tells Sam that she has a little girl who is a patient at the hospital who is having trouble sleeping.  She says that the little girl went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning on fire.  She tells him that she would like to borrow one of Jen's favorite books.  The one where she had to read and reread and reread.  She leaves and Sam continues practicing.

Colin's house

Lindsay and Nora are still in Nora's room arguing.  Nora is suddenly struck speechless when Lindsay brings out the needle.  She sprays Lindsay in the eyes and makes her way painfully downstairs.  She is trying to call for help when Lindsay comes down the stairs.  They continue arguing when Colin finally comes upstairs.  He grabs for Nora and Lindsay sticks her with the needle.  She collapses in his arms.

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