One Life to Live Update Friday 8/4/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 8/4/00

By Merilee

RJ's apartment

Antonio and Roseanne are still talking when they hear a sound at the door.  Antonio is hidden when RJ walks in.  He wants to know how she got in.  She says that the key was on Tea's key ring.  She explains to him that she has had a pretty rotten day and that she needed somebody to talk to.  He offers her a drink and she explains that she finally did the right thing and signed the annulment papers.  RJ is acting pretty suspicious and starts talking in a loud voice.  He starts talking about Jeff Barnes.  He says that he has to go get something and starts for where Antonio is.  She spills some wine on the carpet and he comes back to help her clean it up.  Sophia comes bursting in.  RJ wants to know what she is doing here.  Roseanne replies that she is here for her and that when she couldn't find him; she called her and asked her to meet her here.  He wants to know why she forced her way in.  Sophia says that that is what they are doing in the academy and she was practicing.  The two girls leave and Antonio sets off the alarm.  While RJ goes to check on it, he sneaks out of the apartment.  He meets the girls in the hall.  Roseanne says that they should leave this to the professionals.

Todd's car

Todd explains to Will why they can't go to Llanview.  He's also wanted by the police.  Will wants him to stop at the pay phone so he can call his father and ask about Nora.  Todd says no because his phone is probably bugged. 

Colin's house

Lindsay is standing in the hall when her conscience starts bothering her.  Her imagination does some strange things when Nora shows up.  Nora is making her see sense when the real Nora calls out.  Lindsay opens up the bedroom door and puts on a big performance.  "Nora."  Lindsay moves into the bedroom and they start talking.  Nora explains that she has been held prisoner for a couple of months.  She wants to know where Will is.  Lindsay says that she hasn't seen him.  Nora tells her that Colin held him prisoner in the basement.  She further states that she doesn't know where he is now.  Somebody came in and they both left.  She says that the police are on their way.  Lindsay says that if the police were on their way; they would be here by now.  Nora finally says that she believes that she is responsible for everything and Lindsay finally admits it.  Lindsay says she can't even stand up and is surprised when Nora stands up.  Lindsay figures out that the only way to quiet Nora is to show her the needle.

Sam's house

Renee is over there and tells Sam that Asa is coming back tomorrow and from the way Max is talking; she wouldn't be surprised if he tries to take Matthew away from him.   She leaves and Matthew's voice is heard from upstairs.  "Mama."  

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