One Life to Live Update Wednesdy 8/2/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/3/00

By Merilee

Rae's Hotel room

John and Rae are discussing their future.  He is pushing for something more but she is holding back.  She feels that she has too much baggage and he assures her that that is not the case.


Viki and Rae are talking about their men.  Rae tells Viki that Daniel is in jail but she doesn't know for how long.  She tells her that he wants more money and that maybe that was all their marriage ever was.  They spend the rest of the afternoon together.

The Palace Hotel terrace

Max and RJ are having drinks.  Max explains his problems with Blair and Skye and RJ is discussing his problem trying to find this mind altering drug.  They tell each other they can give what they need but RJ has one stipulation.  He knows about the paternity problem with Matthew.  Max leaves and Lindsay takes his seat.  She wants to know if RJ has the drug.  He says that he will have it this evening.

The jail

Skye and Daniel are in deep conversation.  She says that she will help him if he helps her.  She says that she wants to use him to make Max jealous.  Before he can agree, John shows up.  He wants to know why Skye is there.  "Just visiting the prisoner."  He asks the guard to escort her out and then he enters Daniel's cell.  They exchange barbs and John quietly threatens him.

Colin's house

Todd is in the basement and finds Will.  He tries to wake him and then spies the grate cover laying on the floor.  He stands up and retrieves the note that Nora had written.  He takes a pole and knocks on the ceiling and Nora is relieved.  Upstairs, Lindsay is looking for Colin.  She turns around to see Todd.  When the house is empty again, Will wakes up and makes his way upstairs.  He makes his way to Nora's room and opens the door.  "Am I glad to see you."

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