One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/1/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/1/00

By Merilee

Colin's house

Colin drags Will back to the basement before he opens the door to Sam and Todd.  Sam demands to know where Will is.  He tells him about the phone call and that it's just a matter of time before the police found out.  Colin says that he was here yesterday but then he left.  He didn't ask him where he was going because he knew the boy was wanted and didn't want to get involved.  They hear a noise and Colin says that it's a stack of books that he left on the basement stairs and that they must have fallen.  Sam announces that they have to leave and asks Colin to let him know if he hears of anything from Will.  He promises that he will.  Sam and Todd stand outside the house front door.  Todd says that he is going to stick around a while longer.  Colin locks the front door and goes down into the basement.  He sees Will laying on the floor and checks to see if he's still breathing.  As he's dragging him to the other room in the basement, he says that Lindsay's time has just run out.  Meanwhile, Nora has found something that might unlock the door to her room.  She stumbles over to the door only to be disappointed when her find doesn't  work.  Downstairs, Todd has crawled into an open window.  He starts to look around.

The hotel terrace

Skye is questioning the maitre d' about Daniel.  He informs her of everything he knows.  Meanwhile, at the table Blair and Kelly are busy talking when Skye walks up.  Unpleasant words are exchanged and Skye saunters off.  The two Cramers continue their conversation but nothing is solved.  Blair tells her cousin of how she is going to bury Skye and Max and he will be 6 ft. under and she is even powerless to stop it.  She leaves and Kelly is left sitting there.

The jail

John and Rae are giving Daniel the fifth degree.  Daniel informs them that he is wanted by the mob and that with all the dealings with Rae; it has made his life very dangerous.  There is one way that she can fix this.  Give him a million dollars so he can disappear.  Rae says no and she and John walk off leaving a disturbed Daniel.  A little bit later, Skye shows up at the jail.  She tells Daniel that she knows everything about him and properly introduces herself.  She says that her name is Skye Chandler of the Pine Valley Chandlers.  She knows all the details about Daniel's swindling money from her father. 

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