One Life to Live Update Monday 7/31/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 7/31/00

By Merilee


Viki is talking to Todd when the doorbell rings.  She opens the door to Sam.  He has an idea and he wants to talk to Viki.  He sees Todd.  Just then, the front door opens and Jessica walks in.   She tells everybody that she has good news.  That she and Cristian are engaged.  Sam asks her about the phone call that she got from Will while she was in jail.  She thinks it was sometime late in the afternoon.  He says there has to be a record of that phone call.  Viki starts pressing the memory and sure enough.  She reads off the number.  Sam says he knows that number but he can't think of where and then it hits him.  "It's Lanie's  That's Lanie's and Colin's house."  He says he's going over there and reluctantly takes Todd with him.  They leave and Viki calls for Jessica.  She tells her daughter that she is very happy for her but that when she called from Ohio; she said she was confused because she loved both Will and Cristian the same.  The doorbell rings and Viki lets Cristian in.  "I understand congratulations are in order."  Cris goes to Jess and tells her that he has always loved her.  He then puts the engagement ring that he had given her back on her finger.  They hug as a concerned Viki looks on.

Llanview Palace terrace

RJ and Lindsay are having dinner and discussing plans.  Lindsay wants to know what he wants in exchange for the drug.  He tells her that all he wants is information on Matthew's daddy.  "Sam?"  He then gets up because he has spotted Antonio at the door.  They both want to know what the other is doing there.  RJ goes back to the table and Antonio finds a seat nearby.  He again starts looking at the slides and starts whispering.  Lindsay wants to know when she'll get the drug.  "Tonight."

Colin's house

Colin is upstairs with Nora.  He tells her that there will be no more letter writing because there is nobody around to get them.  He walks out of the room and locks the door.  He goes down to the basement where Will is calling out weakly to his uncle.  "I don't feel good.  Lanie said the symptoms might come back.  I feel like I did after the train wreck."  Colin says that he will open the door but to put his hands out where he can see them.  Will puts down the club he's holding and holds out his hands.  Colin takes the boy into the living room where he can examine him.  He tells him that he is fine and that he is going back to the basement.  A fight starts and Colin knocks Will to the floor.  He is knocked out cold.  Just then, the doorbell rings.  On the other side stands Sam and Todd.

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