One Life to Live Update Friday 7/28/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 7/28/00

By Merilee

Sam's house

Lanie is reading the note from Nora and assumes that it's one of Colin's girlfriends.  She gives the note back to him.  He reaches for his wife but Sam intervenes.  He tells him that this meeting is over and that he had better leave.  Sam escorts him out and goes back to Lanie.  "Are you all right?"  Later, he makes a phone call.  "You need to get over here; right away."  Blair comes storming in wanting to know what's so important.  She says that she was right in the middle of a manicure.  He wants to know what she is doing about Asa.  She admits that she's not really after Asa; that it's Max she's after.  Sam reminds her who is footing the bill.  He wants to know the secret that Max has.  Blair says as she leaves to go ask your brother.

Skye's room

Once again, Max is warning her to stay away from Daniel.  He tells her that he is the one who is responsible for that bad business deal with Asa.  Just then John comes in.  He asks Skye where Daniel is.  She says she doesn't know that he escorted her to the elevator and left.  John leaves and Max again warns her how dangerous Daniel is.  She says that he has no right to who she sees.  He tells her that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  Things get amorous between the two of them and she falls on the bed with him on top of her.   She says that they can make love if he tells Blair about it afterwards.  He backs off.

The patio of the hotel

Daniel is talking to Rae.  She wants to know why he is doing all these things to her.  He reminds her that thanks to him she has found her mother in Pine Valley and that she has become reacquainted with friends in Port Charles.  He also thinks that it was clever of her to use Kelly Cramer as her daughter.  She tells him that it was just her way of getting to him and it worked.  Daniel gets up to leave and bumps into John.  John tells him that he is not going anywhere.  Daniel lunges at Rae and John throws him on the table.  "Now, you are under arrest." 

Colin's house

Nora is still trying to get in touch with the voice from the vent.  She tells herself that she is crazy and that she is imaging that the voice is Will's.  She crawls back and gets the pad and pen out of the drawer.  She writes whoever a note and drops it in the vent.  Colin comes in and finds her propped up against a chair.  He gets the pad and pen from her and tells her that there will be no more letter writing.  While his back is turned; she pushes the note further into the vent.  Colin gets her back into bed.  Will sees the note and tries to retrieve it from the grate.  After a few minutes, he finally succeeds and starts to read.........................

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