One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/27/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/27/00

By Merilee

The patio

Max sees Skye on the patio and he goes to her and sits down.  He tells her that it would be a good idea to stay away from the guy she was with last night.  She reminds him that it's none of his business.  Daniel shows up and words are exchanged and both Daniel and Skye leave.  Max is sitting by himself when John and Rae stop at the table.  Max admits that he has done nothing and that he has an alibi.  John tells him to relax because they're just looking for someone.  They show him Daniel's picture and Max says that he saw him last night and this morning and continues by saying that he just left with Skye Chandler.  John wants to know which way did they go and Max tells them and they leave.  Later on; John and Rae come back.  Rae is sitting by herself when she hears a familiar voice behind her.  She turns around and whispers "Daniel."

Antonio's apartment

Cris and Jess are out of jail and they go to Antonio's apartment.  There is nobody there.  Todd shows up  and Cris attacks him and backs him to the door.  Jessica wants to know why he lied about her mother's condition.  Todd said at the time that he thought she was dying.  He doesn't want to lose his sister or her.  Todd leaves which leaves Jessica and Cristian by themselves.  They get passionate and they make love.  Jessica tells him that she's right where she wants to be.

Sam's place

Sam is talking to Viki and Ben.  Sam tells them that he plans to go to Vegas to see if he can find out anything.  Ben and Viki exchange glances and Ben mentions that he's needed here with Matthew.  Ben goes upstairs leaving his brother and Viki alone.  Ben tells her that he wants to take her someplace special.  Later, Sam opens the door to Colin.  After Colin asks how Matthew is and Sam tells him that he acts as if he's never been sick; they go in the other room where Lanie is.  They sit down and Colin again asks Lanie to  reconsider.  She says no and Colin gives her the envelope with the paper and the note from Nora.  She pulls out the note and starts reading.

Colin's house

Colin is up in the bedroom trying to get Nora to eat.  She will not even speak to him.  He gives up and she finally says that she had a dream last night.  It was about Will.  Colin leaves and heads for the basement.  He finds Will in another room in the basement looking through old stuff.  Colin tells him that he and Lanie used to go camping whenever they could.  He tells Will that he has to leave but that he will not lock the door.  (What a crock because that's exactly what he does.)  Will starts to beat on the door and calls for his uncle.  Nora hears the calling from the grate and gets out of bed.  She crawls over to it and says a familiar name.  "Will?"

Skye's room

She's sitting on the bed when Max walks in.  She wants to know how he got in.  He shows her the keys and points out that his mother owns the hotel.


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