One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/26/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/26/00

By Merilee

The patio

Skye sees Blair and Max at a table and grabs a menu and does some spying.  She watches them as they kiss and hug.  She starts to leave and then changes her mind.  She sprays some perfume and walks out on the patio and goes to a table.  Blair sees her friend and announces to her husband that she is going to powder her nose.  Once she gets out of earshot, she grabs him and tells him how happy she is to see him.   He informs her that the virus disc is ready.  "All you have to do is install it in the computer and push the right button when you are ready to use it."  Blair tells him that she is ready and to install that virus.  She rejoins her husband on the patio and they get ready to order.  Kevin is talking to Skye.  He leaves and she starts to chase him.  She sees a man standing by himself at the door.  (could that be Daniel?)  She asks him to go along with her for a little while.  They go outside and sit down.  Blair states that it looks like she has finally picked up another piece of trash.  She tells Max that she wants to leave and they walk to the door.  Max turns back around and looks at the man.  Skye asks if they're gone, yet.  He says completely.  She just says that she needs him a little while longer.

Kevin's place

Kevin and Kelly are talking.  She says that everything has changed and that they are free to be together and that she wants him to make love to her.  Kevin says no and opens the front door.  He tells her that when he gets back; he doesn't want her to be there.  He closes the door and Kelly flops down on the couch and starts crying.

Colin's house

Will hangs up the phone and looks at Colin.  They start arguing about where Will will stay.  The door knocks and Will is in the basement, again.  Lindsay rushes in demanding to know where her son is.  Colin tells her that he is somewhere safe; not like Statesville.  He reminds her that he is using Will as a way out.  Meanwhile, Nora hears the commotion going on downstairs and makes her way out of bed.  She is calling out for help as she crawls.  Colin ushers Lindsay out and then he sees Nora collapsed on the stairs.  He picks her up and takes her back to bed.  He tells her that with the performance that she just gave that she is getting stronger.  He leaves and Nora starts calling out his name.  Will hears and says "Nora?"

The park

RJ is looking at Nora's placque when Hank walks up.  They both agree that the placque is not enough to honor Nora's memory.  Hank then asks his brother to drop the vendetta against Bo.  RJ reminds his brother that he already dropped the charges against the man.  Hank asks his brother if he wants to go to Roadies for a burger and a beer.  RJ declines and Hank leaves.  RJ turns back to the placque and tells Nora that he has not finished with Bo.  He turns to leave and encounters Lindsay.  "What are you doing out here" he wonders.  She asks him for help to get some medicine for a friend.  She doesn't want Bo to know because it would kill him. 

The patio

John and Rae are discussing Daniel's latest letter.  They get their food with another message.  She says that the note says that he's tired of playing games and the madness has to stop.  Your daughter is at the hospital emergency room in cubicle 3.  I only hope that you're not too late.  They leave and go to the hospital.  Rae talks to the girl in the wheelchair and tells her that they're somehow connected.  The girl says that the man told her she would say this and gives her another message. 

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