One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/25/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/25/00

By Merilee

The jail

Cristian and Jessica are talking.  She tells him that when she was a little girl that her uncle gave her a tour of the jail.  Now, that she's here; she thinks the place is ugly and very depressing.  She and Cris talk about what they might do when they get out.  Cris is deep in thought.  He wants to tell her the truth but he keeps holding back. 

The squad room

Viki is talking with Kevin.  She asks if Joey has found out about him and Kelly.  Viki asks her son what he intends to do about it.  He thinks his feelings for Kelly developed when Grace died.  He thinks he was using her as a substitute.  Outside, Joey is talking to Sophie.  Joey asks her out but she declines.  She says she has some work to do.  Down the hall, Antonio is talking to Roseanne.  She has told Hank that the only reason her husband and Jess should have been arrested is because that there is no adultery law in the state.  Roseanne points out to Antonio that she has changed.  He agrees with her. 

The basement of Colin's house

Colin finally comes home and goes down the stairs in the basement.  Will is hiding as Colin looks for him.  Will jumps Colin and gets him in a choke hold.  He wants to know why Colin locked him in the basement.  Colin says that he didn't lock him in; he locked people out.  They go upstairs where they start talking about Jessica.  Colin mentions that he has a patient named Viki with a daughter named Jessica.  Between the two of them; they figure out who they are talking about.  Colin tells Will that Jessica and Cristian have been arrested.  Will says that he has a way of getting in touch with Jessica.  He calls Viki on her cell phone.  She doesn't let on who it is but tells her daughter that the phone call is for her.  Jess finds out that it's Will and hangs up on him.  Will hangs up the phone and tells Colin that he's lost her and that it's all Cristian's fault.

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