One Life to Live Update Friday 7/21/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 7/21/00

By Merilee

Antonio's apartment

Antonio, Roseanne, Cristian, and Jessica are talking.  Roseanne tells Jessica that she is sorry for the things she has done to her.  She was just envious because of Jessica's hair among other things.  Jessica tells her that seeing is believing.  Jess and Cris leave leaving Roseanne and Antonio alone.  Roseanne is pacing the floor when she tells him that it's all her fault.  Maybe, with some of the things that she hadn't done that things would have turned out differently.  Antonio tells her that it's not to late to change things.


Viki comes back from the cabin and walks in the big room where she is surprised by Jessica and Cristian.  Jessica tells her mother that she should be resting and that she should be sitting down.  The two girls sits down.  Viki is telling them how well her treatments have been going and how she is looking forward to the last one when Jess blurts out that Todd said she was dying.  They all wonder why Todd would do such a thing.

The hospital

Sam asks the doctor how Matthew is doing.   She tells him that his son is doing so well that he might be able to go home tonight or in the morning.  Lindsay is in the room and also hears the good news. 

The hospital roof

Lanie tells Bo that she is going back to her husband.  She says that she is going to give him a chance.  Bo doesn't try to talk her out of it but as she leaves you can tell that he is shaken.

Colin's house

Colin wants to know what Will is doing there.  He states that he needs help.  "If it's money you need."  Will says no; he just needs Lanie.  Colin asks why and Will says that he needs a plastic surgeon.  He wants to leave the country.  Will gives him some jewelry as collateral (don't know how to spell that)  Colin tells him that he can stay there and Will laughs and tells him that he stayed the night in the basement.  Colin tells him to stay in the basement until he gets back and as soon as Will goes down the steps; Colin locks the door. 

The hospital

Lindsay is still standing in the room when Lanie comes in.  Sam tells her the good news and Lanie says that she's already heard.  Sam wants to know where Bo is and she tells him that he is on the roof. 

The roof

Lindsay sits next to Bo and tell him that she heard what Lanie did to him.  She tells him that she thinks that it's extremely selfish for her sister to go back to Colin.  Bo just thinks that's she's really confused. 

The hospital

Lindsay is back in the waiting room when Colin catches up to her.  Colin says that he has figured out a way to stay out of jail and shows Lindsay the jewelry.

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