One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/20/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/20/00

By Merilee

The cabin

Cristian and Jessica are talking when Max walks in.  They want to know if he's going to turn them in.  Max says that all he's there for is to get a rifle for Asa because he is going rabbit hunting.  All three of them leave and the next thing we see is Max talking to John.  John asks Max if he knew where the kids were heading.  Out on the highway probably to meet Viki is Max's answer.  John turns to the female officer and asks if she got everything.  "Got it". 


Viki is running downstairs to answer her cell phone.  She tells Ben that the kids are fine and that Will has left and that Jessica and Cristian are coming home; she just doesn't know when.  She hangs up and plays her answering machine.  On it is a message with a familiar voice.  The female voice tells her that she has the merchandise and to come pick it up at a certain location.  "Do you know where that is?"  Viki hurriedly erases the message and heads out the door. 

Antonio's apartment

Antonio is getting ready for work when there is a knock at the door.  It's Roseanne returning some books that Sophie had borrowed.  "I thought that you might need them.  Sophie could have brought them down to the department."  There's another knock at the door and Cristian walks in.  They both stare at him and then Jessica comes in.  Roseanne tells her husband that she has decided not to fight the divorce any longer.  Antonio looks out the window and tells Cris and Jess to hide.  Sykes walks in and sees Roseanne and Antonio kissing.  John says that he isn't buying any of this for a minute and demands to know where the kids are.  Roseanne says that she knows exactly where they are.

Matthew's hospital room

Sam and Bo are both in Matthew's room.  Bo convinces Sam to go and get some rest and he'll look after the boy.  Sam leaves and Bo sits down and starts talking to the boy.  He feels Matthew's head and immediately calls for Sam.  "I think his fever is broken.  His head is cool."  Sam starts saying thanks and Bo says that most of the credit goes to Matthew because he is a real trouper..  The doctor comes in and Sam asks if this might happen again.  The doctor says probably not and that he will be able to take his son home soon.  Matthew is fully awake, now

 Colin's home

Will is still down in the basement when he hears voices.  Upstairs, Colin is stretching Nora's legs.  The phone rings and Nora tells him by all means to go answer it.  The person on the other end is very upset with Colin for examining Matthew.  Colin tells him or her that he was only doing his duty to his patient and that he has called several times and nobody will tell him how the little boy is doing.  (My guess is that whoever is on the other end finally tells Colin what he needs to know.)  Colin hangs up and returns to Nora.  She demands to know why he was at the Llanview hospital.  He tells her that it was an emergency and that he happened to be there.  Nora does some figuring and finally figures out that Matthew is the one in the hospital.  "I'm his mother and I should be there with him."  She looks at Colin and asks him not to lie.  "It is Matthew, isn't it?"  Colin looks at her with a painful expression.  He leaves her room and closes the door and turns around and there's Will.

Lindsay's apartment

Lindsay wakes up and sees Lanie in a chair asleep.  She pretends to be having a nightmare.  Lanie wakes up and goes to her.  She tells her sister that it will be okay.  Lindsay goes to the hospital to check on Matthew.  Sam suspects something else and tells her so.  Lindsay asks him where Bo and Lanie are.  Sam answers her truthfully, "I don't know."

The hospital roof

Lanie and Bo go to the roof to talk.  But, old feelings take over.  They stop and kiss. 


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