One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/19/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/19/00

By Merilee


Joey has Kevin on the pool table and is choking him with a pool stick.  Kelly rushes in and tries to pull them apart.  Colin comes in and saves the day.  He grabs a hold of Joey and demands that Kelly call the police.  "No" screams Kevin.  "I'm all right."  Joey tells them that he isn't drunk and that he never really liked bars.  He turns to Kelly and gives her the keys and tells her to lock up and then leaves.  Kevin goes over to Kelly and tells her that he's sorry but he can't let things between the two of them go on.  He leaves and Kelly goes to sit down with Colin.  (He is Viki's doctor but I just find it awfully strange that he's always in the thick of things.)


Todd has surprised Viki with another visit.  He tells his sister that Will has left the group and that Jessica is coming home.  "When?"  "I'm not exactly sure."  She asks her brother why he is doing all this for her.  Out of love he says but Viki is not so sure.  She is sure Todd is hiding something but won't tell her.  When he continues being evasive; she gets upset and asks him to leave.  Todd walks out of the room but not out of the house.   He finds a video game on the table in the hall and laughs as he sits on the stairs and starts playing.

Viki's cabin

Cristian and Jessica start to get passionate with each other.  Jessica wants him to make love to her and they wind up in bed.  The next morning, the two of them are still in bed and talking.  "Jess, I have something to tell you.   What is it?  Is it my Mom?"  He pulls her into an embrace as Jessica gets real quiet.

The hospital

Sam is in Matthew's room talking to the boy.  His temperature is still quite high.  "Time for another sponge bath."  Sam leaves the room and is talking to Bo when Asa and Max show up.  Bo asks why they are there.  Asa replies that he wants to make sure his grandson is getting the best care possible.  Bo says that he is.  Sam starts inching his way to Matthew's door.  Asa decides to go in but Sam is in the way.  Max tells them that there's a legal way to settle this.  Bo gets mad and tells Asa that if it does turn out that Matthew is a Buchanon; that he would move heaven and earth to be sure that the old man had nothing to do with him.  Max makes a move for the door but Sam stops him.  They finally leave but I don't think we've heard the last of this.

Colin's house

Nora writes a note to Melanie and then slips it into an envelope.  She then tries to get out of bed when she hears a noise.  Thinking that it's Colin; she gets back under the covers and tries to move the envelope out of the way.  It;'s not Colin but Will and just as he starts calling Melanie's name and going upstairs the phone rings.  Hearing the answering machine pick up; he figures he's alone.  Much later Colin comes in and Will hides.  Colin goes upstairs and confronts Nora.  "Shouldn't you be asleep?  Couldn't sleep with all that noise."  Colin goes to check out things and comes back to report to her that they are the only ones there.  They hear the noise and Nora says that's the noise she's been hearing. 

Hi Everyone! A bit of confliction here Merilee at first said she couldn't do it so Linda had filled in and then I got Merilee's update after. So today you have two updates :) 

Todd told Viki that Jess was coming home and Will was still on the run. Viki asks him what he is up to. He asks if she trusts him. She says no. Viki has a feeling Todd is being manipulative and worries what he is up to.

After Colin broke up the fight between Kevin and Joe, Joe took off his wedding band and dropped it to the floor and walked out. Kevin said he had to go and left too.  Colin and Kelly shared a glass of brandy. He offered to be an ear if she wanted to talk. She wondered why he was being so nice. He tells her he understands what she is going through. She asks if he has been there. He says, yes. Colin offers to drive Kelly home or call her a cab. She says she has her car. He asks if she is all right to drive. She is. She gives him the keys to lock the place up.

Nora managed to get a hold of the separation papers Colin was to give to Melanie. She wrote Mel a note begging her to help her. As she moved, her book fell off the bed and onto the floor. Will was in the house and heard the noise and went to the bottom of the stairs. Just then, the phone rang and no one answered it, so Will thought no one was home. When he heard someone coming, he ducked into a crawl space.

Max and Asa came to the hospital to get the best medical treatment for his "grandson" which caused Bo to go off on him. Asa threatened to get a court order for a blood test to prove Matthew was a Buchanan. Sam refused to let anyone in Matthew's room which angered Asa. Bo asked Asa to leave and words were exchanged. Bo said he was no longer Asa's son and if Matthew was his son, he would not allow Asa anywhere near him. Asa told Bo that he has been sleeping with the enemy so long that he is starting to act like them. Asa told Bo that he can never change the fact that he is a Buchanan and his son whether he likes it or not.

Jessica told Cristian that she loved him and only him. Cris didn't want to be the one she fell back on. She said she was sure she loved him and only him. He told her he would always keep her safe and they made love. After they were done and cuddling in the afterglow, Cris told her that her mother was worse than they thought, she was dying.

Tomorrow Max finds Cris and Jess Will hears Colin call Nora "Scarlet" and wonders who that is. Melanie can't seem to stay away from Bo!

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