One Life to Live Update Friday 7/14/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 7/14/00

By Linda

Kelly rips Skye out of Kevin's arms. Joe grabs her arm. Kelly tells Skye that she knows how she is and what she does to men and the women who love them and she is not going to do that to Kevin. Skye tells her to get a grip. Kelly brings up what she did to Max and Blair. Skye wants to know why it bothers Kelly so much to see Kevin with her. She asks whose heart would be broken if she did go with Kevin. Joe tells Kelly she doesn't need this right now. Skye wants her to hear about it if there is a problem. She tells Kelly that she is a happily married woman, what does she care who Kevin sees. Then turns to Kevin and asks him if he is a free agent. Kelly says he problem is Skye, she is a trouble maker and her favorite playground is her family. Kevin butts in and tells Kelly to take it easy, he appreciates her concern but Skye is a friend of his. Joe explains that they just had an argument and maybe Kelly is taking it out on them. He says this means they are officially married, right? Kevin says yes is does. Kevin says he and Skye will leave so Joe and Kelly can talk and make up. That is the best part of having a marriage, so make up. Joe asks her if it is him that she wants to blow to smithereens. She says no, he is completely wrong.

Viki is back in town. He was worried. He tells her that he could kill Todd. She tells him she got her test results and there is good news. He is so happy. Now he wants to know what happened with the kids.

Jess, Will and Cris are now at the cabin in Llanview. They reminisce about when Jess got drunk and pregnant there. Will says he also got her so upset she ran out and got hit by a car. She tells him not to blame himself for anything. It is not his fault she lost the baby.  He feels he now has her involved with this crime. She says she is not involved in a crime because he didn't commit one, her grandfather did. All he ever wanted was for her to be happy and that is all he ever wants. Todd comes in and says they stashed the limo just in case. They want to know if it is safe there. Todd said he is in Sam mode. He wants to ruin his family. He would never check his home away from home. Todd says it is better to stay close just in case. Jess wonders if there is something he is not telling her about her Mom. He tells her to relax, he is not keeping any secrets. He says why would her mother tell him something and not her. She asks why they should stay close to home. He says because he is worried about her too and he is trying to protect her and she is making it difficult for him. He throws her the keys and tells her to go and take her 2 boyfriends. Jess says she isn't going anywhere. She has to stay close to home for her Mom. Jess and Will leave to go get some fresh air. Todd comes out and Cris asks him why he is really there. Todd says he likes the vibes. This is the place where he gels what he wants.

Bo asks Sam if Matthew is sick. Sam says he has medicine for him just in case. It should take care of it. Sam says he didn't expect to see Bo again today. Bo says Mel let him in. Bo tells Sam he didn't know Lindsay said anything to Asa. Sam asks if he really believes that. Bo says it is not good that Asa knows but he will keep him out of it. This is between Sam and him. Matthew calls for daddy and Sam rushes up the stairs. Bo goes to the bottom of the stairs and looks up, thinking.

Colin goes to see Lindsay and finds her dressed in her wedding gown. He asks if she is crazy. She asks if he thinks so, he is the doctor. Colin says he knows she is under a lot of stress and he offers a friend at the hospital to help her. She laughs, you really think I am crazy? He says it may help to talk to someone. She say it worked on him, it will work on Mel. He wants his money. She says there is something better at the end of all this and it is Mel. He tells her to go ahead and put on her wacky play, but he still wants his money. Me is coming so she tells Colin to go out the back. Mel comes in calling out for Lindsay. Lindsay comes out and thanks her for coming, she felt so alone and really needed her.

Jess and Will are laughing. Jess is carrying berries and there was swan after them. Will wants to hang out there away from Todd. She tells him not to take Todd wrong, he worries about her. Jess is worried about Viki. Will tells her to go see Viki. She says if there is anything wrong, Viki would have told her.

Cris asks Todd what he means about being there because of the vibes, he thinks this is the place where Todd keeps people captive. Todd says, this is the place you bring your girlfriend to get her drunk and pregnant. Cris asks him what his problem is. Todd says he doesn't have a problem, they are the ones with problems. He is just trying to help out. Cris questions if there really is something wrong with Viki. Todd tells him to go away, he has to make a phone call.

Ben tells Viki about Todd and her trip to see Jess. Then she tells about the house detective and how she wanted to hide them home. Ben thinks that would have been a good idea. She says the Jess is so worried about her, she wishes she had gotten her results yesterday so she could have let Jess know how well she is.

Sam gets off the phone with the doctor. The doctor thinks Matthew should be OK. Sam goes to the door and opens it. Bo says he doesn't want to leave whether Matthew is his or not, he wants to make sure he is OK.

Lindsay asks Mel to tell her that she can live without Bo. Tell her how she can possibly do that. She hugs on to Mel and a grin comes across her face.

Kelly tells Joe that she is not mad at him, she followed him there to talk to him. She was just upset that the doctor said they had to wait. He wants to focus on the fun they will have trying. She would like to know if there is something wrong. He says mother nature may surprise them. She says they could help her too. They can get an ovulation kit. He gets angry, I thought we just said we would let it go. He wants a baby too, but there is not rush. He wants to go out and dance and do all those things, there is no rush. She asks if he wants to have a baby and he says no. He doesn't

Ben says he has a solution. They can dial 1-800-Todd and schedule another kidnapping. This time the both of them. Maybe he is right outside already with the car. Viki said he wouldn't because that wouldn't be a surprise. Todd doesn't like to repeat himself. Ben thinks that if he was protecting those kids he wouldn't want to risk it anyway. Viki knows Todd is keeping them safe from the law. Ben says, the question Viki is asking is who is keeping them safe from Todd.

Will asks Jess if she ever thinks about the future. Ten years form now. She says no, what about him. He has fantasies about Christmas time with the 2 of them in a big mansion and her looking gorgeous. She laughs. He says someday it will really be them, but it will be a loft, filled with books and have beautiful full windows. She thinks it sounds fabulous. He say one thing is for sure, as long as she is there that will be all he will ever need.

Todd hears someone coming so he makes believe he is on the phone with someone. He is yelling that the person told him that she was going to be OK, she has to be OK, he needs her, you lied to me, don't you tell me to calm down, you fix it or you'll be dead. Cris asks Todd what is going on. Todd knocks over a chair and runs off. Jess calls out to him but he keeps on running. Jess asks Cris what happened. Cris doesn't know, Todd was on the phone but he doesn't know who he was talking to but he said something about fixing it. Cris goes after Todd. Todd tells him he has bad news. Cris asks if it is about Viki. Todd says not to tell her. There is nothing you can do, you can change it. Cris wants to know. Todd says the chemo didn't work, nothing worked. Viki is going to die.

Ben asks if anything else happened with Todd and the kids. Viki tells Ben there was no house detective, but Todd had told them that he was watching them. Ben says he may have been setting them up. Viki doesn't think Todd would do anything to hurt Jess. Ben says, what about Will. He gets the impression from Sam that Todd has a chip in his shoulder about him. Viki says he does keep him at arms length, but inside, he is desperate for connection and Sam is the only father figure Todd ever knew so he resents Will. Ben wonders if Todd motives for helping the kids isn't pure. Viki says but he took her there and the kids were all together and fine. Ben wonders about the house detective then, he doesn't like it. He is going to look for them. She says how can you find them? He says if Todd can find them, he can. She tells him he is the best.

Sam is holding Matthew. He tells him that the medicine will kick in soon. Bo is in the doorway watching. Sam puts him back in bed. Sam tells Bo that Matthew is feeling very hot. Bo asks if he wants an ambulance. Sam says the doctor told him to wait but he is worried that Matthew looks so terrible. Bo goes to answer the door and Sam pats Matthew's head and tells him he will be all right. It is Colin at the door with flowers. He asks Bo if he can see his wife. Sam yells for Bo that there is something terribly wrong with Matthew, call an ambulance. Bo goes running, Colin right on his tail.

Mel tells Lindsay that she has been under a lot of stress but she will be all right. Lindsay asks how she will live without Bo. Then she says never mind, she shouldn't ask her that. She wants Mel to be happy. She wants her to be with Bo. Mel tells her that she is in so much pain and she wants to help her. Lindsay says, you do, then unzip me. She tells Mel the last time she wore that dress was when she was marrying Bo and she was so happy. She hands Mel the dress and tells her to put it on and promise her she will where it the day her dream comes true. Mel looks at her like she is nuts.

Joe tells Kelly he loves her and he wants her to be happy. She asks why he doesn't want a baby. He says it is nothing to do with having a baby. There is something wrong with their marriage. She is not happy. She says she will be happy if she had a baby. He says something is wrong and there is nothing that can't be fixed. She says there is nothing he can do to fix it. She blurts out that she is in love with Kevin.

Kevin visits Viki. She tells him that she is worried about Jess but her results are great. But she want her Jess around. Kevin tells her to keep fighting and everything will fall in place.

Jess asks Todd what the call was about. Was it about Viki. He asks what makes her think that. She says because he was upset. He says it was Tea's lawyer and she is not coming back. He assures her that her mother would be all right.

Will goes looking for Jess and Cris grabs hold of him. He tells Will he better leave. Will says and what if I don't. Cris says he will turn him in.

Lindsay says she thought Mel wants her to be happy. Mel says she does. Lindsay says then put the dress on. She knows Mel will look beautiful. She walks on to the elevator and says bye bye. Mel yells for her to wait and goes after her.

Colin tends to Matthew. He asks how many times he vomited. Sam says just once. It just started. Colin says they have to get him to a hospital right now. He hands the baby to Sam and they all head out the door.

Monday Mel finds Lindsay out on the dock in her veil and slip. Bo tells Sam that they are not going to let anything happen to Matthew. Todd tells Jess there is no such thing as love and the sooner she figures that out the better off she will be. Cris tells Will he has to leave even if it will break Jessie's heart. Kelly tells Kevin that she told Joe the truth.

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