One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/13/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/13/00

By Stephanie


Kelly is waiting in the doctor’s office. Joey arrives and tells her he got her message. He wonders what the emergency was? Kelly apologizes and says she didn’t mean to scare him. She tells him she took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. She wanted to see a doctor to confirm it. He tells her it is ok, and they “can have fun trying.” Kelly insists something is wrong and she wants to “fix it.” Joey says just because she isn’t pregnant doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Kelly says there is no point in trying to get pregnant; it will be a “waste of time.” Joey can’t believe she thinks it is “all a waste of time.” She says she wants a family. He says he does too but he enjoys being with her and wants to “enjoy the process.” (The doctor comes in). Doctor Coughlin is surprised to see Kelly and wonders what the trouble is? Kelly says, “I am not pregnant and I want to be pregnant now!” Kelly wants to take fertility tests. The Doctor says they have to have been trying at least a year. Kelly says if she is refusing to issue the tests she “will find a doctor who will.” Joey is angry and asks the doctor to excuse them. The doctor tells Kelly if she wants to talk, she knows where to find her. The doctor leaves. Kelly says she wants to have a family. Joey asks why it has to be so quick? Kelly says she just wants a family. Joey knows that something is wrong and wants Kelly to tell him what it is. He wants Kelly to “let me help you.” Kelly says she has to go to work. Joey says she isn’t going to work or any place else or to “see Kevin.” Kelly asks, “What does Kevin have to do with this?” Joey says it isn’t about Kevin. Things have been difficult, first she tried to help Kevin with the paper, and then she helped Rae find her daughter. Joey says that she even thought she might be Rae’s daughter for a time. He says, “Now you are telling me you want a baby.” Kelly says she isn’t “telling him anything.” He says that she isn’t the girl he married, she isn’t bubbly any more. She says, “So I am not fun.” Joey says she isn’t and wonders what happened? He says it is like she goes somewhere and comes back “sad.” He wants to help her. Kelly says that his mother was ill, now Jessica has run away, there has been a lot going on. Joey says if something is wrong he wants to know about it. Kelly says she just wants a baby. Joey says, “When you are ready to tell me what this is really about, I will be here.” He walks out. Kelly goes after him saying “Joey.” But he is gone.

Kevin’s Office

Kevin is speaking with his secretary. He tells her to “pull everything on the mayor.” He asks about Joey? She tells him he was “called away on an emergency.” Kevin is surprised to hear it. She says well “they are newlyweds and it was probably not a real emergency.” He thinks she may be right. He tells her to hold all his calls. She leaves. There is a knock at the door. He says, “I thought I said to hold all my calls.” The door opens. Skye comes in “even for me?” He asks what brings her by? She says, “I came about a job.” He tells her the position has been filled. She says that’s ok, there is another one I want and I am “qualified.” She asks him to look at her resume. He asks what job she had in mind? She tells him “an affair.” Kevin is surprised. She says she wants something “fun” with “no strings.” Kevin wonders if this is about Max? “So he can see what he is missing,” he asks. Skye tells him it is not about Max at all. She says it is about “no complications”. Kevin says “and no love.” She says it gets me into trouble. She says it is perfect, since they are both in love with other people. Kevin tells Skye he isn’t in love with Kelly. She is happily married to “my brother.” Skye says that she has seen him “happy, especially at the party for the newlyweds.” Kevin asks if she is looking for “meaningless sex?” She says sex is never meaningless. Skye says she wants to have fun. Kevin wonders if she would have fun, having an affair with him but being in love with Max? Skye admits she loves Max more than Blair ever will but he chose her. She says it is “Blair who is in his arms.” She says when she lost Ben to Viki; she knew he would be happy with her. Kevin agrees. Skye says that when Max chose Blair over her…she wondered what she did to deserve him? Kevin feels that if Max threw her over for Blair “then he got everything he deserved.” Skye asks what she deserves? Kevin says that she deserves better than an affair. Skye says it is “something.” Kevin asks if “any something is better than nothing?” Skye (in tears) says, “I feel so stupid.” Kevin tells her not to, he says she is human. (He holds her.) Kelly walks in and says “Get your grubby hands off him.” (Joey is in the doorway.)

The Country Club

Renee tells Asa that child might be Bo’s? Asa admits it is possible. (Max and Blair arrive). Renee is appalled at what Asa is doing. Asa says that child is my grandson. Renee is concerned that Asa will try to take the child. Asa insists the child is his grandson and wants him. Blair asks Asa if he will be “welcoming her home?” Asa says, “When hell freezes over.”


Sam asks Lindsay if she understands what she has done? Lindsay says she does. Sam can’t believe she “sold him out.” Lindsay says it wasn’t like that. Bo wonders why Lindsay spoke to Asa? Sam says Lindsay talked to him, told him everything and “set him on Matthew.” Lindsay says that isn’t true. Sam tells her that isn’t what Asa said. Sam reminds Lindsay “Asa killed my sister and framed our son.” Lindsay insists she had no choice. (Bo glares at Lindsay.) Lindsay says that all of this is about Matthew and she “never meant to hurt him.” Sam doesn’t believe her. Lindsay says it is true. Meanwhile Asa is talking to Max, Blair and Renee, telling them his version of his conversation with Lindsay. Asa says that Lindsay couldn’t wait to tell him. Lindsay says she never meant to tell him at all. Things got way out of hand, she says. She says she had to “throw herself at his mercy”. She wanted him to talk to a judge or governor to bring their son home. Asa says she “strutted into my office and told me she was holding all the cards.” He says she told him she “could bring me my grandson.” Lindsay says he “dragged it out of me.” Sam asks Lindsay what she told Asa? Lindsay says she thought she could bargain with him. She wanted to know what it would take to bring her son home. Asa says she wouldn’t let up about bringing him “his grandson.” Asa says, “She thought she would never see her son again.” Lindsay says she thought once she had her son home, then “Asa would drop it.” Sam can’t believe Lindsay would use “Matthew as a bargaining chip.” Lindsay says she is trying to do the right thing, she told the truth this time. Lindsay says she doesn’t know whether Jeff Barnes changed the tests or not. Sam has heard enough and is furious with Lindsay. Melanie suggests they go home. Sam and Melanie leave. Lindsay asks Bo if he understands? Bo knows that Lindsay is angry with Asa but doesn’t understand why she told him anything. Lindsay says she did it for “their son.” Bo can’t believe she thinks Sam will “hand over Matthew.” Lindsay says “of course not” but “my son is a fugitive.” Bo says she told Asa before she told him (Bo.) Bo thought she had agreed to “total honesty.” Lindsay says she has, but what about “you and that fact that you slept with my sister!” “How is that for total honesty, Bo!” Lindsay tells him not to deny it, because Melanie has already told her. Bo says he wasn’t going to deny it. He says that at the time he didn’t know she was her sister. He also tells Lindsay “we weren’t together at the time.” Lindsay says that she was in the hospital “fighting to save our child.” “While you were out having a one night stand!” She wonders if it was more than a one-night stand? He says that it isn’t true. Lindsay says “you betrayed me with the one person who could hurt me more than any one else!” Bo tells her that he never meant to hurt her. Lindsay says “but you did.” Bo says once he found out that Melanie was her sister he didn’t see the point in telling her (Lindsay). Lindsay says, “You didn’t know.” “We weren’t together.” She says that they keep secrets so that people won’t get hurt but they hurt the ones they love the most. Bo agrees that it seems that way. Lindsay asks what happened? She thought that after Nora died, they were getting close. Bo says that they have already talked about this. Lindsay asks what is going on with him and Melanie? He says that there is “something” between he and Melanie. He doesn’t know what it is but he wants to find out. He asks if she is ok? She says she is but she asks him to leave. He offers to take her home? She says no, please just go. Bo leaves. Lindsay is in tears. Lindsay calls Melanie and says, “I need you.” “You are the only one I have.” Melanie asks her what the matter is? Lindsay hangs up. Lindsay “That should do it.” Lindsay walks around, closes the blinds and turns off all the lights.

Country Club

Asa’s cell phone rings. (Blair and Max are talking.) Blair tells Max that Renee is a “glutton for punishment.” Max says they are “good for each other.” Blair tells Max that she doesn’t want to have to worry that he “will be sleeping around” with anyone “including Skye.” Max says he doesn’t want to talk about Skye. Asa hangs up and tells Max that B&B just beat us out “again.” Asa wonders where the money is coming from? Blair suggests “perhaps Viki.” Asa says they have to get going. Asa tells her to “mind her own business.” Max demands that Asa apologize. Asa apologizes to Max. Max says, “apologize to my wife” or “I am not going anywhere.”  Asa (Half-heartedly apologizes to Blair). He tells Max “to get a move on.” Max and Asa leave. Renee comes over to talk to Blair. Renee tells Blair she is “glad they are back together again.” Blair isn’t sure if it is an insult or a compliment. Renee says it is “both.” Blair asks Renee is things “are over between you and Asa?” Renee admits she doesn’t know. She says, “every time I think Asa can’t sink any lower, he proves me wrong.” She says she has to go. Blair tells her not to leave on “my account.” Renee says she has to get to the Palace, as it “won’t run itself.” Blair says that she is happy she is with Max and is determined to be a good wife to him. Renee is pleased to hear it and believes in marriage. Blair says she won’t let Max regret choosing her over Skye. Renee says, “I hope not dear.” Renee leaves. Blair says, “If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.” She makes a call on her cell phone. “Hello” “I need to see you, right away.” She hangs up.  Later, a young man arrives. He asks Blair where her laptop is? She says she wants a different kind of lesson today. Blair tells “Charlie” that she wants to tell a story to the entire world. She asks what that “thing” is called that goes from computer to computer around the world? He tells her it is a virus. He asks what this story is about? She says it is very special. She says it is about a man who is a rightful heir but has been denied his “position” and another man who has denied him. She says she wants to share the story with the world. He suggests she write a book. She says that is “so 20th century.” She wants something that will create a “splash.” Charlie asks if she means something like the “I love you Virus.” She says she does “exactly.” She says she doesn’t want it to be “I love you” she wants “I hate you and make you wish you had never been born Virus!”

Sam’s House

Sam and Melanie arrive. Sam is furious and can’t believe what Lindsay has done. She has used my son as a bargaining chip, he fumes. Sam says there is no way that Asa will get Matthew. Melanie says that Bo won’t let that happen. She knows that this is painful for Sam but she asks, “what if it is true?” Sam says he knows that Melanie cares about Bo. Melanie says she cares about him too. Sam says “not in the same way.” Melanie says she doesn’t want to pick sides but if she did then Sam “would win.” Melanie tells him that he has been there for her in the past. Sam says he hasn’t been doing a good job lately. She says he helped her get through the medical boards and gave her his copy of the “Maltese Falcon.” He told her “you know whom to call.  Sam. Sam Spade.” Sam says, “He has the power to help.” Melanie says, “You are helping by being a good father to Matthew.” Sam says he is “Matthew’s father.” Melanie says it is possible that Bo is. Sam tells her not to buy into Lindsay’s garbage. Melanie says, “what if she is right?” Sam says Matthew may not be his, but he is Matthew’s father. Sam says the thought that Matthew might not be his, drives him crazy. He says that if it were any one but Lindsay telling this story, he might believe it. He says it is a lie and he knows it. Melanie asks what if it isn’t? Say says that not knowing would be difficult but he could live with it. He says if he couldn’t hold Matthew and tuck him in at night… Sam says he is going to check on Matthew. Melanie asks him to kiss Matthew for her. He says he will, heads upstairs. He says “thank you for caring enough to try to tell me something I didn’t want to hear.” After Melanie hangs up from talking to Lindsay, she opens the door to leave. Bo is there. Melanie tells him that Lindsay needs her. Bo says he never meant to hurt Lindsay. Melanie says that Lindsay is her sister and feels betrayed. She says she can’t blame Lindsay for feeling that way. Bo says, “That One night was wonderful.” He tells her he is sorry she got hurt. She says she is sorry too. She says she has to go. Melanie leaves. Bo goes inside. He closes the door. Sam comes down stairs saying, “It’s ok Matthew.” “Daddy will…” He turns and sees Bo in the doorway “Make it all better.”

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