One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/12/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/12/00

By Linda

Jess and Viki, Todd, Will & Cris

Jess asks Viki if she understands why she has to stay with Will. Viki does. Jess tells Viki that she taught her to stand by the people she loves. Jess says she heard Asa confess to setting up Will. Jess tells Viki that they stowed Will at the cabin so they got Viki involved. Viki understands but she would like to know how long this is going to go on. Viki feels it is going to take a long time for this to all end. Todd, Will and Cris burst into the room and tell Viki and Jess that they have to go. They have been spotted. Viki wants to take them home and hide them out with her. Todd tells her no. They all leave. Viki is left behind.

Asa & Renee

Asa gives Renee a peace offering, an expensive one. He wants her to forget everything and come home. She asks if this is his way of making peace. He tells her they are still married and he loves her. He asks her to open it. She refuses. He opens it, it is a necklace he saw her eyeing. She says the only gift she wants it the kids home. She wants him to drop the charges. He says he does no favors for a Rappaport. She asks what about her and his granddaughter. He says he loves Jess and she knows it and that is why he can't let that boy of the hook, he is bad news. If he gave up now, what would that show her. She says that loves is better than hate and if he doesn't know that they have nothing to talk about. He asks her to sit back down. He asks what there house is without her love in it, please come home.

Bo & Mel

Bo wants to know what happened. He wants to take it slow. He is glad she came with him. He feels something is in the way of them. She agrees. He says she always seems to know when he is in trouble and he knows she is in trouble now, what is it, let me help you. A waiter brings them drinks. He tells Bo that Lindsay was looking for him. Bo says he thought they could use the drinks. She tells him he thinks of everything. Bo gives he a mirror. She says that was her good luck charm. She is glad he found it. It really means a lot to her. A piece of her past when life was important. She pauses and gets up telling him she can't do this and walks away.

Nora & Colin

Colin asks her if she really wants to know why she is there. He says it wasn't supposed to be this way. She asks what way was it supposed to be, was she supposed to enjoy it? He tells her she is talking her way out of the truth. She asks him to tell her, please. He says she wasn't supposed to stay so long, he just had to buy time. She asks if it was for Lindsay.  Sam shows up looking for Colin. He tries to talk to the maid. He asks if she remembers him. She says yes. Colin says the truth isn't easy for him to admit. Nora tells Colin that he is not capable of telling the truth. He wants to get her home. She asks why she should believe that. He says because she is getting better everyday and not twisted up in that bed. He said he could have used a lot of restraint but he didn't. She says he wouldn't do that to her. He says now you get it. She asks if he really wants her to be OK, why? He says because she is his patient and the most challenging woman he has ever met. She gets knocked down, she comes back swinging. He has never known anyone like her. She says he has seen lots of women like her. He says none like her. She asks if that is why he is keeping her. He says, no, that is why he is letting her go. She asks when? He says, that is the question, isn't it. The housekeeper knocks on the door and gives Colin Sam's card and tells him he is downstairs.  The housekeeper brings lunch in as Colin leaves. The business card Sam gave her is sticking out of her apron. Colin goes downstairs and tells Sam he is sorry for keeping him waiting. He says Sam caught him at a bad time, he has a meeting. Sam thinks he is rushing him out of there. Colin says he doesn't want to talk about his divorce. Sam says he wants to talk about Nora. He knows Colin is up to something. He knows that Colin disappeared at the train wreck and that he brought up the realty case that only Nora could know about and that Viki thought she saw Nora at the Cherryville Clinic. Sam says he wants answers, now. Sam wants the truth. Colin doesn't think Sam will believe the truth. Sam says try me. Colin says the woman Viki saw was someone else, who is probably home right now. Sam asks how he know about that case Nora and Sam only knew about. Colin shoes him the law book he looked at. Sam says that doesn't make sense. Colin shows him it is only a few pages away from the page he was looking for. Sam wants to know what happened. Sam says he is sick of people offering two bit psychology. Colin tells him that a part of him is grieving and misses Nora and wants to get her back. Colin wishes he could. Sams says so does he. Upstairs, the housekeeper drops the business card out of her apron onto Nora. Nora asks her where she got that card?

Lindsay, Asa & Renee

Lindsay is looking for Bo. Sees Renee and Asa. Asa wants her to just come home. He tells her he stands up for his family and treats her like a queen. Renee picks up the necklace and goes over to Lindsay and hands it to her for the Will Rappaport fund. Asa tries to get it from Lindsay but she moves away. Asa uses mean digs about Bo and Mel being all over each other. She tells him he better be nice seeing she is the only one capable of giving him his grandson. Asa tells her she is all talk, she has done nothing. Lindsay blames Sam because he won't allow another paternity test. Rene can't believe what she is hearing. Lindsay says Sam thinks she is pulling this to get in Bo's good graces. Asa tells her to give him the necklace or she will get a broken hand. Lindsay hands over the necklace and Asa walks away. Renee follows him telling him he is heartless going after Sam's baby.

Colin & Sam

Colin tells him he doesn't blame Sam for not wanting to believe Nora is gone. Sam tells him if he is lying to him he will make sure that every day he spends on earth will be a day in hell. Nora tries to get the housekeeper to tell her where she got the card. The woman points downstairs. Nora starts screaming for Sam, but Sam has already gone outside. He turns to go back in but his cell phone rings. It is Asa wanting him to come to the country club. Sam asks why. Asas says, your family has been split apart, I want to put it back together again. Renee is giving Asa a piece of her mind for trying to ruin Sam's life.

Bo & Mel

Mel thinks they should not see one another, they are hurting too many people. Lindsay shows up and hides in a bush to listen in. Bo tells Mel she can't just walk away.

Colin & Nora

Colin tells her that Sam is gone. She says he will be back. She asks if his contience is getting to him. He says it has been. She says when she goes back, she will go back to a life with her children, he will have his license to practice medicine ripped out of his hand and go to prison for a long, long time. He says, don't you think I know that? He asks her to give him a way out of it, give him a chance to take her home. She tells him to just do it. He says he isn't losing anymore than he already has, not even for her. He likes his job, his life, his freedom. He asks her help to keep them. She asks why should she for all he has done to her, made her family think she was dead, tear everyone she is close to apart. He says she better figure it out so he can take her home, today.

Sam & Asa

Sam shows up. Sam says, you want to talk about Will, talk. Asa asks who said anything about Will. Sam say you said you wanted to reunite a family. Asa says, not the Rappaport family, the Buchanan family and Nora's baby. Sam tells him not to mention Nora's name. Asa says the boy is Bo's. Renee tries to stop him but Asa tells her to stay out of it. Asa tells Sam that really thinks he can hijack a Buchanan. Sam accuses Bo of telling Asa but Asa retorts that it was the blonde bimbo he chose to unload. Sam wants to know why Lindsay would tell him anything. Asa tells him to ask her but Sam has something that belongs to him and he wants it back. Sam tells him he has nothing that belongs to Asa and that includes both his sons. Asa says he can have Will, he is a loser. Asa says he makes his own rules. Renee asks someone walking by to get Bo. His family comes first. Sam tells Asa to stay away from his family. Asa says, make me.

Bo & Mel

Bo wants to know when they will see each other again. Mel aplogizes and says she really wants to be there for him but.... Bo is interrupted by the towel guy telling him that Asa is causing a big scene. After Bo leaves, Lindsay pops out of the bushes acting innocent. Lindsay says she saw what Mel did. It is hard to give up Bo and she is never going to forget this. Mel says she is never going to give up Bo and Lindsay isn't going to make her.


Viki is sitting there holding the doll when a man comes in the room asking if the two young men are OK, they took off right in the middle of brunch. Viki asks if she needed the house detective, would he be around? The man says they don't have a house detective.

Will, Jess, Cris

Cris is holding Jess. Todd comes over and says, here we are, on the lamb, ain't this the life?

Nora & Colin

Nora says, you mean it. You will let me go home. He tells her to come up with something and she will be home tucking in Matthew tonight. She tells him to flea bargin. She can talk to them, she is the only one that can do it. He says, you would do that for me. She says if it is her ticket home. He says you will say anything to get out of here wouldn't you. She said to get her freedom, yes. He says she is talking to the wrong person. She asks who is the right person. She tells him no matter what he does or says, she will never forget what he did to her.

Asa, Renee, Bo & Sam

Bo wants to know what is going on. Sam tells him about Lindsay opening her big mouth and now his father is in the tug o war over Matthew. Bo says, really, let's talk to Lindsay. Renee says Lindsay was just there and headed back to the cabana. Sam and Bo take off after her. Asa asks Renee whose side she is on. She says if there was ever a chance he was going to get her back, he just blew it.

Bo, Lindsay, Sam, Mel

Lindsay tells Mel that she doesn't know how desperate she is and when she is desperate, she does desperate things. Bo comes in and says that is right and we know the kind of desperate things you'll do.

Tomorrow: Skye asks Kevin if he wants to have an affair. Kelly tells Joe that she took a home pregnancy test. Blair wants to know when she is getting her welcome home party. Asa tells her when hell freezes over. Sam asks Lindsay if she sold him down the river to Asa.

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