One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/11/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/11/00

By Amanda

Roseanne’s Penthouse

Sofia and Antonio are studying for another test in the police academy, and Roseanne brings out drinks. Offering to Antonio, he accepts, and Sofia declines. Sofia wonders what she did to deserve nice people like them in her life as friends. Doorbell rings, later and Lindsay arrives wishing to speak with Roseanne alone. Roseanne tells Lindsay that anything she has to say about Will and Cristian that she can say it in front of Antonio. Antonio says to wait a minute, as he offers Sofia good luck, and she leaves. Then Lindsay tries to ask for the money because she’s heard from Will that they are in trouble and she needs to send them the money. Antonio doesn’t buy it and tells Roseanne to not give her the money. When Roseanne was willing to jump in if it was to help Cristian. Lindsay is upset because Roseanne will not give her the money and leaves. Once gone, Roseanne and Antonio talk about the fact that he can tell when she’s lying or not. And that Lindsay seemed surprised to learn that Antonio and Sofia were going through the police academy.

On The Run         

Cristian Will and Jessica just decide to pack up and leave before Todd returns, and just about to leave, Todd arrives home, and asks if they feel like a party? They shake their heads. Then he says what about a reunion party? Then they look puzzled, and Todd whistles to Viki and Viki comes in and arms open wide hugs Jessica. Once Viki tells Will that his father misses him, and loves him and is working on their case, and she asks how both of them are, Will and Cristian decide to give Viki and Jess some privacy. They ask Todd if he is coming when they leave and he says no he’s family. Then he sees the two want to be alone and he catches up with Cristian and Will.  Jessica and Viki catch up and they can’t believe that Viki is to the wig stage and Viki asks Jess if it makes her uncomfortable. Jess says no it just seems so mortal. Viki agrees, and she talks about Will and if she’s in love with him. Jessica tells her mother that she is and then she tells her that she is in love with both men. Viki says that is ok after all they are grown men and they know you have made it clear where you stand why force things and having to make a decision? Then Jessica once having made the decision would have to choose and loose one of them. Jessica and her mother agree. They both tell each other that they miss the times they can be able  to tell each other everything. Meanwhile, downstairs, Will, Todd, and Cristian are eating lunch in the Hotel’s Restaurant, and they argue and almost cause a scene. Todd is tired of breaking it up for them, and then later we see them trying to ditch the hotel security.

Lindsay’s Art Gallery

Colin arrives to see Lindsay to tell her that he is out of their plan. Lindsay says he can’t do that he’ll face prison time. He says he won’t not if he pays the right attorney. Lindsay is told to get the 50 grand by tonight or he’s out.

Cherryvale Clinic

Melanie is sleeping in the on call room, and Bo arrives and wakes her up and wants to know why she’s avoiding him. Melanie says she’s not. Bo says he’s not leaving till he finds out, and Melanie tells him that she’s on call. That’s all. Melanie won’t go for a swim at first with Bo, but after being convinced, Melanie is taken to the country club which has been set up in a romantic setting, candles and their table already set, and Melanie comments and says you were hoping I would go for this – you did all this for us? Bo smiles, then his cell phone rings and once answered he says that he’s got to take it, and Melanie asks if she should get lost? Bo tells her no, and she says (waving her bikini) she’ll go get changed, and Bo is stunned and has to focus on the conversation on the cell phone. Bo is finishing with his conversation when Melanie in the open doorway in Bo’s view, is toweling off. Bo hangs up, and goes to offer his help by drying off her back.

Colin’s Home

Colin and Nora finally have it out!!! Nora finally shows Colin the chart she’s made and tries to pin point the pieces to the puzzle and then she learns that Melanie and Lindsay are sisters! Then she knows that Sam is his own brother in law!! She says that he is a lying SOB, and she is more than furious at him. She tells him that Lindsay was capable of switching paternity test results because she thought Nora was interfering in her life, and now Lindsay is keeping her stay dead.

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