One Life to Live Update Monday 7/10/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 7/10/00  

By Amanda

Colin’s Home (Nora alone, then Colin arrives home)

Nora has markers, and blank pads of paper, and is trying to doodle the missing piece’s of the puzzle together. She tries to fit Melanie into the picture somehow. Then she looks at a figurine on the dresser and realizes that the two women could be sisters. She hears Colin arrive home, and she quickly puts things under her covers in case he should come in the room. She turns out the lights as Colin is walking up to the door, thinking he should check on her but sees her lights go out and goes to bed himself. Back inside, Nora then realizes by writing Lindsay's name on the picture of her, that the two might be sisters.

Cherryvale Clinic (Lindsay and Melanie)

Melanie is given the real run around guilt trip with the routine of when their father hasn’t treated Lindsay fairly. Melanie knows that and tries to stop Lindsay from making her feel guilty. We are shown a “flashback” of a young girl and her beau, and he tries to make the moves on her as we hear Lindsay describing the story as the guy almost date rapes Melanie, and Lindsay “younger version” comes in and knocks him for a loop from behind with a chair. She tells the creep to get lost, and which he does and the Lindsay comforts her sister. Back to reality, Lindsay tells Melanie that she owes her, that Melanie tells her she felt so grateful to Lindsay. Lindsay says she is scared she has nothing. Her daughter won’t come home, her son is on the run, she lost her baby, and now Bo. Would Melanie give Bo up for her? Melanie tells her it’s late she wants to go home to bed. Lindsay hugs her sister, and tells her she loves her and Lindsay leaves showing Melanie very upset, and pacing the hospital room wondering what she should do.

Bo’s Place (Colin and Bo)

Colin sees Bo to tell Bo that he would like to make up with his wife and for Bo to lay off. Bo tells him he’s out of line, as he tells him that choice is up to Melanie. Colin doesn’t like what he hears, and puts his drink down he was drinking and leaves. Bo later is seen thinking of the conversation, and throws Colin’s glass in the trash.


Sam and Ben talking about Todd, and how the two met Todd, how Sam and Todd used to be like family, then Ben gets a phone call saying that Viki never arrived at her meeting. Panicked, Ben phones everywhere in search for Viki. Nothing. Sam wants to know what’s going on when Ben tries her cell phone. The phone rings where Viki has left it in crossroads, on the pool table and Sam says this is probably why she hasn’t called – on the phone and hangs up. Sam then calls the hospitals thinking she may have been checked in and nothing – has them check emergency, and she’s not been admitted. After hanging up Sam wants to know what is going on after all he is family and Ben knows he won’t tell anyone anything. Ben tells Sam that Viki has Breast Cancer, and breaks out in tears, as Sam comforts his brother. Sam tells him he must be relieved, but he still wants to know where she is and later, having found out the driver of the limo was Todd, Viki calls Ben from the road and tells him she’s ok she is with her brother, and that he is taking her to see Jessica. Ben is making sure she’s ok, and then they say I love you as Viki promises to call soon. 

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