One Life to Live Update Friday 7/7/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 7/7/00
By Amanda

Dorian’s Home

Skye comes by to call Blair an ‘idiot’ and Kelly makes a move to kick her out and Blair stops her she wants to hear this. Skye then tells her that she has a man that loves her, and Blair gets the picture – Skye was thrown out. Then Blair makes a comment, “Blue is really not your color” Skye turns around and leaves. After Kelly offering to kick her out. After Skye had left Dorian’s, Kelly tells Blair what is she waiting for? Skye has left the mansion, why not return? Blair tells Kelly that she won’t return until Max comes and begs her to return to him. She then tells Kelly that she wants to be secure enough financially to be able to provide guards for Starr if she needs to as she tells her that she saw Todd in Cincinnati while she was there. Kelly stunned then understands Blair’s motive for revenge against Max. Later, Max arrives, and begs for Blair’s forgiveness. Kelly says one of you has to give, and Blair tells Kelly to butt out. Max tells her that he kicked Skye out, after Blair says that she wants him to say more, and Max tells her he loves her and always has, and the two are ‘reunited.’ Blair tells Max that she hasn’t even unpacked, and Max gets the bags, and Blair tells Max she wants to say goodbye to Kelly, and once max is in the car, Kelly tells Blair she’s so happy for her, and Blair says man she’s so good, Kelly bought that? That was the whole point to get into the house, and start her revenge plan. Kelly stuns says goodbye to Blair, and Blair says at least she’s not covering up by having a baby to stay with the wrong person. Once gone, Kelly takes the home pregnancy test.

Max’s Room

Thinking it was Blair or Skye returning to him, Max flies off the bed, and answers his door. It’s Renee. She sees this, and says expecting someone else? Max, Not really. Renee tells Max that she’s seen Ben and wanted his help to help her find his son. Max asks what Ben’s reaction was, and Renee says that’s the funnies thing, he didn’t seem to surprised. Ben declined to help Renee, and Renee tells Max that Ben tells her he doesn’t want anything to do with their family, and he doesn’t want to be the one to hurt her. Max asks Renee if Ben is going to expose him, and Renee says no. Renee says as stupid as it is, she still loves him after everything he’s done to her. Max says he’d hoped that this would happen. He promises that he’ll do everything he can to get Asa to let Jess and Will come home. Renee says only then will she return, and she’s thrilled to find out Skye is gone from the mansion, and tells Max now he can focus on his marriage, as true love doesn’t happen often. Renee leaves, and Max goes to Dorian’s.


Viki and Ben are at Crossroads talking, and Ben confides in Viki about his feelings for Renee, his mother. Viki and Ben discuss the pros and cons of telling Renee and not Asa. If Ben tells Renee, Renee would eventually tell Asa. No question about it. Ben keeps thinking of what it would be like having Renee in his life for Mother’s Day and Birthdays, and Viki knows understands what he means what it would be like to acknowledge a man like Asa Buchanan as his father. Viki then thanks Ben and tells him that she needed this, not to be treated like a cancer patient, as she’s so sick of it, and Ben just holds her and comforts her, and they agree that it would last forever. Ben says talking of family, Viki is his family and that’s all he needs. Ben kisses Viki and Viki tells him she’s going to attend the large community meeting. Once in the Limo, Viki notices that the driver has made a wrong turn to the meeting…and demands to know whom the driver is when the driver turns suspicious. Viki is nervous….

Colin’s Home

Colin and Nora talk about Bo and Lanie, and Colin tells her some marriages survive infidelity. Nora says not always. Then Colin tells her that he’s been reading up on Bo online. Regarding the fight he had with RJ. Nora lets RJ’s name slip, and Nora realizes that it’s just a pawn to get her to slip and hurt Bo. Nora tells Colin it’s not going to work, she won’t help him hurt Bo. All the while he’s keeping her captive in his home.

Cherryvale Clinic

While looking on outside Lindsay hears the whole following scene. Bo sees Melanie and tells her that he has feelings for her and he feels kind of stupid as he doesn’t know how to explain them or what to do with them. Then he brings up the fact that he was never able to tell Nora, and then he tells Melanie that he would like to explore those feelings more. Melanie tells Bo what about Lindsay? Bo tells her that he’s told her that he only wants to be friends, and nothing more, and has told her that he only cares about her not loves her. Bo asks Melanie what he is to do about these feelings, and Melanie tells him she’s still married. Bo tells her that she’s still going through with the divorce right? Melanie says she intends to see it through, but Colin could drag it out and it could take months. Bo tells her he has all the time in the world. He wants to know everything about her. Her favorite music, favorite foods, he could write a questionnaire. Melanie tells him no essay questions please. Outside, Lindsay upset, once she knows Bo and Melanie are a couple now, is frustrated and throws a supply cart on the floor, and Melanie and Bo rush out to see what happened to see an orderly cleaning up the mess. They ask what happened, and he says that some woman knocked over the cart, and took off. Meanwhile Lindsay has just moved, but is still listening to Melanie and Bo. He tells her that he would love to explore their feelings more, and Melanie asks how they are going to do this when her pager goes off, and says, ‘duty calls’ Bo tells her that he’ll call her, and arrange to explore their feelings.

Bo’s Apartment

At Bo’s, Hank arrives and gives Bo a file on paternity test that Bo may find interesting or helpful. Bo thanks hank, and asks about Lindsay. Hank says she committed a crime, and that Hank can’t grant her immunity. There would be no way possible that he could do it. Bo understands and tells him he’ll go at it at another angle. Bo tells Hank that remembers the woman that he went to go find after the courthouse hearing that day? Hank says that’s the woman? Bo tells him that she’s Lindsay’s sister, well half sister. Hank says as if he doesn’t have enough problems. Bo agrees, and Hank says he must go back to the office, and Bo thanks Hank again and leaves. Once Hank is gone, Lindsay shows up at Bo’s.

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