One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/6/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/6/00
By Amanda 

Max’s Bedroom

As Nigel is in Max’s room, actually helping him dress – he inquires about Blair, and will she be at the table for dinner as Nigel must tell the cook to make enough for everyone. Max says he doesn’t care; Blair won’t be back not now not ever she doesn’t live here anymore. Skye walks in and says Max is this true? You really mean it? Max tries to convince Skye that he loves her by doing that just saying “I love you” Skye almost buys into his act when the two start to make love, but then Skye snaps and realizes he’s still in love with Blair. Which Max admits. He also admits that if there had been no Blair in his life, he would have loved Skye. Skye then says she will pack her things and be out that day. Skye goes to make a call downstairs to get a car for herself, and Max stops her, making her put the receiver down and he tells him that they have unfinished business. Will Skye expose Max? Skye says she really does have the upper hand, but no she’s not going to expose Max. Max thanks Skye, and Skye tells Max not to thank her it was a promise that she made to Ben. Max tells her that he admired her when Blair locked her in the wine cellar and had the guts not to drink a drop of alcohol. Skye leaves and tells Max she is moving out of the mansion.

Dorian’s Home

Kelly and Blair talk about the men in their lives, and Kelly asks Blair why she is at Dorian’s and Skye tells her that she is living there at Dorian’s now. She fills Kelly in on the max and Skye story, and her plan for revenge on Max when he least expects it. That only when Skye gives up on Max, will her revenge begin. Only when Max comes crawling back to her. Kelly tells her that Joey and her are trying for a baby, and Blair thinks it’s just a cover up for Kelly to forget about Kevin. Once Kelly has Joey’s baby, it’s a cover up for not facing her feelings for Kevin. Kevin won’t disappear she says. She tells Kelly that he’ll always be in her heart. That will never change. Then the doorbell rings, it’s Skye telling her how lucky she is to have Max.

Cherryvale Clinic

Melanie are seen in a patients room talking alone. Melanie pleads with Colin to give up the counter-suit. She doesn’t want Lindsay to know about the night her and Bo slept together. Keeping the truth to himself knowing he had told Lindsay the night before, Colin tells Melanie that he will drop the counter – suit and Melanie answers his question that is his only catch: if she is still seeing Bo Buchanan. Melanie tells him that her and Bo are friends, and that there is nothing going on between them. Colin then tries to get her to give up the divorce proceedings and Melanie won’t buy into it. She says there’s nothing left to build on, and Colin leaves, then Melanie yells ‘wait’ and Colin comes back, and Melanie tells Colin she needs him to promise her that he won’t tell Lindsay. Colin tells Melanie that he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt her.

Bo’s Apartment

Lindsay outside Bo’s place is talking with her conscience “nora” about Melanie and Bo, and having to accept that she has lost him. Lindsay tells “nora” to shut up and Bo hears her and he comes out and asks what’s going on? Lindsay needs to speak with Bo and tells him that she won’t be long. Bo says he was just leaving. Lindsay tells him she only needs a minute. Lindsay, goes into Bo’s home and gets away from “Nora” and then she asks Bo about Sam and she offers to do a lie detector test, and Bo says that won’t be necessary because Sam knows the truth he’s just afraid to admit it to himself. Lindsay says what about her trying to convince Sam? Bo says just to stay away from Sam period. Lindsay suggests Ben? Bo says to leave it alone for now. Also Lindsay asks Bo if he still loves her after telling him that she still loves him. Bo tells her that he cares about her but so much has changed, that he can’t go back. Meanwhile, Nora, Lindsay’s conscience does a hilarious scene “Go on Lindsay! You’re dying to ask – ask him!! Did you sleep with my sister?” Lindsay takes the plunge, and Bo got the “I care for you” routine. Lindsay outside with “Nora” and Nora tells her that you know where he’s going don’t you? Lindsay follows Bo to the Cherryvale clinic, and then later we see Lindsay overhearing a conversation with Bo wanting to see Melanie about them.

Colin’s Home

Colin arrives home, and is very distraught. He is mad that Nora gave Magda that Captive by Colin Mcgyver note. Then Nora tells him that she is being held captive. Then Colin tells her not to start, he’s had a bad day that his wife has been keeping secrets, and they involve Bo Buchanan. Her ex- husband.



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