One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/5/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/5/00
By Amanda 


Viki and Ben are alone talking about the old days and remembering new years eve. Viki can't believe how far they have come. Viki is playing pool and Ben says are you playing solo? Viki says he can play but they have to make a deal which is to fool around after. Trying to get time alone, Sam shows up and they reminisce about the old days when they had the whole family together and the barbecues and memories, and in his gut he has this feeling that Nora is still alive. He asks Viki and Ben if he is crazy and they say to go with your instinct. Viki tells him that back in mid-may she thought she saw someone that looked like Nora but she was heavily medicated and she didn't know weather or not it was Nora or not. Sam says that who was her doctor? Ben tells him that it was Dr. MacGyver. Sam doesn't think he's hearing things and says who? Ben repeats and says Colin MacGyver and Sam thinks that he has to check it out because of knowing Colin he's up to something. Ben walks him out. Sam is reassured by Ben that he doesn't think he's crazy, and Sam is off to find Colin and go to his home. Later we see Sam at Nora's home just about to go upstairs, and Magda, Colin's housekeeper who doesn't know English gives Nora's note to Sam. Then Sam figures out that Colin's girlfriend is upstairs. Colin is out. He gets that much out of Magda and he leaves, leaving her his card saying it's important to talk to Colin. Not knowing that it was Nora upstairs sleeping having dropped the book and doesn't even know Sam was there she wakes up long enough to turn out the light and go to sleep. 

Colin's Home 

We see Nora trying to get through to Magda, Colin's housekeeper who doesn't speak English very much to call the police, then she hears sirens, and Magda tells Nora that she will try or so Nora thinks. Nora hopes she got through to Magda, but later we see that Magda didn't get it enough to know that she was to give Nora's note to the cops, she gives it to Sam but later Sam doesn't understand and hands the note back to Magda. 

Palace Hotel 

Melanie is with Bo and tells him she almost told Lindsay about when they slept together instead she told him only that she ran over his motorcycle and that's how the two met. She tells Bo that Lindsay said that it was the same day that Lindsay lost their baby. She didn't think it right to tell her the whole story all at once. Bo agrees, they also agree that it's independence day, and they should enjoy it and leave their troubles behind just for one day, tonight is tonight Bo says. Let it be their night. He takes Melanie to the park where the fireworks are later displayed, and Bo takes her to get ice-cream, and Jerry - who works with the ice cream is mesmerized by Melanie's beauty. It's comical to see Jerry so stunned at how beautiful Melanie is, and Bo chuckles to himself as they watch the fireworks, and gaze into each other's eyes, enjoying the fireworks. 

The Gallery 

Colin tells Lindsay that if he goes down she goes with him. Lindsay says no she doesn't. Colin says because she burned the check? So what. He has evidence of something else. Lindsay trying in desperation to hold on to Bo by kidnapping Nora. Colin tells Lindsay that he won't hear of it that he is helping Nora get better with physical therapy and when she's better she can walk free. Lindsay is horrified later when Colin tells Lindsay that Bo and Melanie came to an agreement of their own, because they slept together after she had run over Bo's bike. Lindsay is hurt and tells Colin to get out. 

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