One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/4/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/4/00
By Amanda 

On The Run

Will is trying to convince Jess, Cristian and Todd that it’s better if he just leaves the country as Ben has offered to get him safely out and he tells Jess to picture him on a beach somewhere just hangin’ out. Jess says she’ll worry about him more than ever wondering if he’ll turn up in some newspaper somewhere, and she tells him she loves him then says that she wants to go somewhere and talk alone. They leave Todd’s hotel room leaving Cristian and Todd to talk about the fact that Cristian tells him that he is staying to protect Jess and Todd makes a comment saying that she’s already being protected. Meanwhile outside, Jessica convinces Will not to leave them and quit on them they are in this for the long run. Jessica convinces Will she loves him, and then Will says he’s had so many dreams of Jessica and him getting married, and having a family. Jessica tells him that if he stays that might happen. Fireworks are going on in the distance, as Will and Jess kiss, and Todd looks on having left Cristian alone in his hotel room.

In The Park

Melanie tells Lindsay that she only thinks of herself. Then they get into the issue how Melanie already knew Bo long before Melanie knew that she was involved with him. Melanie is just about to tell Lindsay the whole story when Sam arrives on the scene telling Melanie that Maryann has just drawn a bath for Matthew, and Maryann is ready to leave. Lindsay is pissed, because Sam trusts Melanie with Matthew more than her. Lindsay calls Sam an “arrogant idiot” and accuses him of wanting to have her thrown in jail. Doesn’t he care about the fact that she is the mother of his other two children? Just because they aren’t here doesn’t mean he should love them any less. Sam agrees tells her that he loves all his kids equally. Then Lindsay gets into the issue of the paternity test of how much it terrifies Sam at the possibility that Matthew could be Bo’s son and not his. Lindsay tries to convince Sam to give in to the Paternity test, but Sam doesn’t need to be proven to himself what he already knows that Matthew is his son. Sam throws at Lindsay the issue of Bo, how she is scared to admit that Bo might not see her the same way as they once were, so that terrifies Lindsay she just won’t admit it. Maybe in Bo’s eyes he doesn’t love her anymore. Lindsay says she’s looked into Bo’s eyes a lot lately. She tells Sam that his eyes remind her a lot of Matthew’s. Lindsay leaves. Sam goes to the plaque for Nora at the park, and Sam talking to himself comments and says was that a message sent to him from Colin about the case? That she’s still alive? Sam blows a kiss to the plaque, and says he knows she is still alive and he leaves.

The Palace Hotel

At the palace hotel, at first RJ is still making comments about revenge against the commissioner. RJ just about gets up and leaves the table when Roseanne tries to stop him from going over to Bo. RJ doesn’t listen and goes to Bo, and they talk about what RJ is up to – and Bo knows he is up to something. Then RJ says something along the lines of forgiving and forgetting and starting over with a clean slate, and Bo doesn’t buy into RJ’s act. Bo shows that he doesn’t trust RJ and he doesn’t tell him that. While Bo and RJ are talking, acting like old buddies, Antonio walks up to Roseanne and wants to know what’s up with that? He questions Roseanne about RJ and wanting to know what he is up to. Roseanne tells Antonio that she won’t be able to tell him anything because she has told RJ that she doesn’t want to be involved. Roseanne then tells Antonio that Sofia is living with her at her penthouse now – as she realizes the Cristian will never come back to her. Maybe she has her sets sight on someone else. She wants to prove herself to Antonio. In the meantime RJ had come back to their table, and then tells makes a rude comment, and Roseanne says if RJ doesn’t have anything nice to say not to say anything at all. Once RJ gets up to leave, Antonio gets up to leave to work on his assignment that Bo had just given him to keep tails on RJ, and find more info about Jeff Barnes after describing him to Bo, and Bo knows who the description is that Antonio gives him. Bo wants to know what he’s up to. Antonio goes to find out just that.

Colin’s Home

Nora throws something at the door to get Colin’s attention. She says she didn’t have a beeper, and she wants to apologize for the way she behaved. She also tries to make a proposition for her freedom. She says she won’t say anything about Colin, she won’t remember him if he’ll let her go home to her family. Colin chuckles, and Nora says she doesn’t find this funny. Colin tells her she has given him a fight right from the start, that is why he called her scarlet not just because of her hair, but because of the way she has fought him since the scene of the accident. Colin tells her that there is a way she can get home faster and she says are you kidding? I’d do anything. Colin tells her that he would be willing to help her with Physical Therapy. He tries lifting her leg, and Nora is speechless because he’s helping her get better. After the first session, Colin tells him that he has to go somewhere, and he will be back in awhile. Colin says to Nora if she needs anything that Magda Colin’s housekeeper is there to help Nora if she needs help. Colin leaves. Later Colin is at the gallery to see Lindsay and tells Lindsay to tell her that Nora is getting better, and he’s helping her get better. When she’s ready, and healthy if Nora finds out about Lindsay and she goes down, he won’t be going with her.

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