One Life to Live Update Monday 7/3/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 7/3/00

By Amanda

In The Park

Melanie arrives with Matthew in the stroller, and as she takes him out of his stroller, Melanie tells him his friends are nearby, and sheíll be watching. Matthew runs off to be with his friends, while Melanie is with Bo. Melanie and Bo talk about the decision Bo has to face, and what is he going to do? Bo tells her that he wants to find out if Matthew is his son. Bo tells her that he could get a court order; Melanie tells him that Sam will fight with everything he knows about the law. Bo doesnít want to make everyoneís lives miserable, but heís got to know for his peace of mind. Bo tells Melanie that he wants the court order, but that in order to get it from Sam, Lindsay would have to testify in court to the judge, and tell the judge what she has done, that she bribed Barnes into altering the test results. Melanie says she could go to jail. Melanie asks Bo if he loves Lindsay, and he says after all they have been through that he cares about her. Melanie says that doesnít answer the question, and Bo tells Melanie flat out that he doesnít love Lindsay. To much has happened. Hank then arrives at the park and tells Bo that he was told that he wanted to see him. Bo says that he would like it if he gave Lindsay immunity. Hank says he needs more because Lindsay committed a crime with trying to bribe Barnes. Hank tells Bo that heíll see what he can do. Melanie having gone to get Matthew while Bo was with Hank Melanie comes back with Matthew, and Bo picks Matthew up and tells him thatís Nora thatís his mother on the plaque. Matthew touches his motherís name and Bo tells him never to forget this park is for him. Melanie is touched by the moment with Bo and Matthew. Lindsay arrives, sees Bo with Lindsay and is startled to see Matthew with Melanie and asks whatís wrong? Melanie says Sam had things to take care of, and Bo tells her he wants to find out who is the father but in order to get the answer he would need a court order and to do that he tells Lindsay that she would have to testify to having committed the crime, and Lindsay volunteers to be arrested, and Bo wonít hear of it. Bo tells her there has to be another way, and heíll do it that way. Then Bo leaves, and leaves Melanie to talk with her sister. Lindsay asks her sister what is going on? Melanie tells Lindsay that its about time she knew what Bo means to MelanieÖ

Samís Home

Lindsay arrives demanding to talk with her sister, needing to apologize for what Sam started bringing up bad memories. Sam says that heís not her messenger that he doesnít know where Melanie is. Meanwhile Viki is at Samís and tells Lindsay that she canít say how or who told her but Will is Ok. Lindsay relieved to hear that, leaves. Viki and Sam are left to talk about trying to understand Todd, and about Todd being scared of love. Sam doesnít know how or if he can trust him, but he still loves him like a son. Viki tells him itís hard, but she also still loves her brother. They agree to disagree on the subject of Todd, because Sam isnít sure if heís going to help him or not with helping Todd come back to Llanview.

On The Run Ė Toddís Hotel Room

Todd is at first alone with Will. Todd is trying to convince Will to leave/disappear and go to Ireland that he would pay his way and enough money to make him comfortable, and not have to worry. Will, almost buys into it, but then throws the money at Todd, saying he loves Jessica that he wonít do it. Will is furious! He storms out of Toddís hotel room outside to where Cristian and Jess have been kissing, and then they were talking about Jessica returning to Llanview because of her mother and her cancer that they agree she should be with her mother. Jessica tells him she wonít she loves will. Jessica is not going to give in, when Will arrives, and tells Cristian once his back is turned he makes a move on Jessica. Will is furious, and punches Cristian out! The two get into a catfight, and a pedestrian walks up and tells them whatís going on? Heís going to call the cops! The group says that he canít do that that it will never happen again. Todd explains that Jessica is the Canadian Princess, ya know eh? And tells the stranger that he can guarantee that it wonít happen again, and slips the man some cash. The man agrees, and curtsies to Jessica as does Jessica to follow through on the act and the man leaves. Todd then says, sure you donít need my helpÖ.and once back at Toddís hotel room, Todd says he needs an answer boys and girls. Will says heís made up his mind that heís leaving and without Jessica.

Palace Hotel

Renee and Ben are talking about the fact that Max isnít really Asaís son, and how the truth would really hurt Asa. Renee tells her that she wants Ben to help her find her real son, and Ben tells her that he would do anything for her but he just canít. Renee understands, but would love him to help. Ben tells her that heís known all along that max was a fraud. He just didnít want to be the one to hurt her. Renee and Ben get up to leave and they hug, Renee tells him it was a pleasure to have the chance to get to know Ben. As Renee leaves Bo walks in and they hug. Bo then talks to Ben and Ben comments and tells him that Max isnít the brother that Bo has always hoped for is he? Bo says no, that Clint is the brother that he always hoped for, but heís in London. Ben tells Bo that Asa doesnít deserve Renee and Bo agrees. Ben leaves, meanwhile another table Roseanne and RJ sit down and enjoy a drink and converse over Bo, and the revenge that RJ has in store for Bo. Roseanne is sticking up for Bo, and tells RJ that she wants no part of whatever it is that RJ has in store for Bo. RJ tells her he knows that sheís not reliable, and dismisses that part of the subject. Roseanne then says hasnít Bo had enough grief? First the wedding to Lindsay didnít go through, then Noraís death. When is enough, enough? RJ tells her that she hasnít seen grief yet.


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