One Life to Live Update Friday 6/30/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/29/00

by Linda


Blair wants an answer. He tells her she doesn't issue orders around there especially after the Banner stunt. He points out that Blair hates him, what does she want him for? She says she is still there after all he has done, Skye, his faking his brain trouble, she even lost her hair. She loves him and can't take it anymore. She thought if she held on they would be able to get back what they had. She says Skye goes or she goes and won't be back. He tells her not to push him. Max isn't sure he can trust Blair and she feels the same about him. She tells him his ego is like his big bad dad's. He says Skye stays. Blair says your choice? He says she pushed him. Blair says then they are done and she walks out. Asa comes down the stairs glad she is gone. He calls her all kinds of names. Max get mad and tells him to shut up, just shut up. Asa and Max argue. Asa tells Max to never talk like that to him again. Max admits he loves Blair. Asa makes a comment about leading a woman by the nose, that is what they are for. Renee walks in. She asks if that is the way it is. That is what he thinks about her. They end up arguing and Asa tells her to stop or she will be right behind Blair going out the door. Rene is yelling at Asa. Asa tells her, there is the door. She says she will leave when she wants to. She says the things he does are despicable. He says he is defending his family. She says what family. They are all gone. All he has is her and Max. And she will give him one more chance. Call his attorney and get those kids back. he asks what if he doesn't. She says she is leaving him. Max tells Asa to do what Rene says. Asa takes the phone from Rene and slams it down. Rene starts to cry and tells Asa that is sad. She tells Asa that he means the world to her, but if he were able to give her the world she would have nothing to give him. She has given all she can. She says good-buy and walks out. Max tells Asa to go after her. He tells Max to shut up, just shut up. Asa tells Max to practice what he preaches. Max thinks Asa is making a big mistake letting Rene go. Asa says he is beginning to think Max is no longer a chip off the old block.

Hotel Room

Todd asks why Jess is gloomy. Jess doesn't know why Viki would give her the doll. It is her mother's luck. She should be there with her mother with all she is going through. Todd says Viki is fine. Nothing will get her down, not being sick to her stomach due to the chemotherapy, not even losing her hair. Jess says, what, my mother is losing her hair? Todd tries to assure Jess that Viki will be OK. She tells Will and Cris she has to go. Will blames Todd for Jess being upset. Cris says it is Will's fault. Jess would be home with Viki if it wasn't for him. Cris tells Will that he should have let Ben get him out of the country. Cris wants to find Jess. Will says she wants to be left alone. Cris wonders why Will thinks he knows Jess so well. Todd breaks up the argument. Cris storms out to find Jess and Todd asks about Ben trying to get Will out of the country. Todd tries to convince Will he is on his side. Why else would he pay for the hotel room and food and all. Todd wants to know what is going on. It is like client attorney privileges. He has a right to know, he is helping Will out. Todd wants to know about Ben. Todd thinks Sam had to be behind Ben wanting to get Will out of the country. Todd comments on how he and Will do not want to disappoint Sam. Will catches on to Todd and asks what he is up to.


Viki goes to Sam's. She meets Mel. Viki says she is glad Mel and Sam are friends. Mel tells Viki that Sam is her lawyer. Viki asks her if she can tell she has a wig on. Mel says it looks natural. Viki says it doesn't feel natural. Viki tells Melanie that she always thinks she is in control but she is not. She says that she thought she would be prepared. The wig is so fake. Mel assures her the hair will grow back. Viki thought she could handle it but living it is a different thing. Mel says that is the point. You 'are' living it. Viki says yes, she is and will. Blair shows up wanting to tell Sam something that may shake up his family. She asks Viki if that is a wig she is wearing. Viki looks at her and says, I could say the same to you. Blair tells Viki that she is going to tell Sam about Ben. Viki tells her she is not going to breath one word about Ben. Viki accuses Blair of using Sam to get back at Max. She says it is Ben's decision if he wants Asa to know. Blair asks what Viki thinks she is going to do to stop her. Viki tells Blair she has a better nature about her. Viki has seen Blair with Starr. Viki asks how Blair could want to hurt Ben after all they are friends and he has been so good to her. Blair says she is hurt and Ben is her only defense. Viki offers Blair money to keep her mouth shut. Blair thinks Viki should understand her misery. Blair says she can't let Asa and Max get away with it. Viki says she doesn't; care what Blair does to them but she doesn't want Blair to hurt Ben. Viki asks if they have a deal. Blair says she is desperate. She used to be in love with Max the way Viki is with Ben. Viki says and Todd. You are acting like Todd. He punishes people too when they don't do what he wants. Sam comes in. He wants to know what is going on. Does it have to do with Ben? Blair says it can wait. Viki asks if she should cut a check? Blair wants cash, it can't be traced. Viki tells Sam they have to talk about Ben.

Nora's Memorial

Bo insists on the test. Sam won't agree. He says Lindsay is lying. Bo will have to arrest her. Bo doesn't want to do that. Sam says he would have to go to court and would have to prove there is reason to believe the test was tampered with. He tells Bo that Jeff Barnes and Lindsay would have to testify and Lindsay won't do that or she will go to jail. Sam says after all that, he will still have Matthew because he is convinced Matthew is his son. Bo offers to by-pass the court and just go together and take the test over. Sam says no. Lindsay is lying. Bo says she's not and that is Sam's fear. Sam says he can take him to court but "you will hurt Lindsay and her kids by putting her in jail." Ben shows up and breaks them up. Sam tells Ben about Bo trying to take his son and that Bo is acting like Asa. Ben tells Bo to back off. Blood doesn't make a family. Look at Asa. Bo tells him not to bring Asa into it. Ben says Sam is his brother and he wants Bo's family to leave them alone. Bo leaves. Sam tells Ben it is not his fight. Ben assures Sam that Matthew is his son as much as he is sure that he is Sam's brother and nothing is going to change that. Ben leaves. Sam touches Nora's memorial. After Sam leaves, Bo comes back to find Mel there with Matthew.

Cris & Jess

Cris finds Jess and asks about Viki. Jess admits that Viki has cancer and didn't want anyone to know. Viki doesn't deserve this. Cris agrees. Jess says she is causing Viki more pain by not being home. Cris says, then she will be with her Mom. He tells her to go home and he will stay with Will. Jess wants to know why he would do that when he doesn't like Will. Cris tells her it is because he loves her. They kiss.


Rene is sitting, crying with her baby's bracelet in her hands. She asks where her real son is. She says she needs him so much right now. Ben walks over. He sees she is all upset. He says "Rene?"

The End


Todd tells Will that Sam asked him to look after him. Rene asks Ben how he knows Max isn't her real son. Lindsay tells Bo she is going to get the petition so he may as well arrest her now.

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